Room Service (

From my usual posts on, this post is going to be a variety in the lead.

A food service that is working entirely through a website; this is something unusual happening in Pakistan that you order a delicious food online and get it delivered to your place within a very short span of time.

Room Service took this bold initiative and started serving starved Karachites hot & scrumptious food. The best thing is their interaction with its customers on Facebook.

You call them and order the food, and for any reason if it gets delayed or isn’t hot as per your requirements, then they will deliver free food to your place or will give you discount as per the mishap. This is something very interesting from their end, as it retains a customer, makes them buy from Room Service again, builds a great brand image in the eyes of its customers, creates word of mouth, and is a great deal altogether for food lovers. Continue reading “Room Service (”

Red Apple – (Khadda Market Zamzama Commercial)

A small restaurant which has no seating arrangement but has delicious food to excite its customers to go there again and again. One either sits in his car and eats or takes away the food.

The best part is their deal system. With everything you order, you get a ROLL for free. This was atleast shocking for me because the roll itself was so tasty and mouth-watering that after eating chicken mega-burger, I couldn’t stop myself from eating the roll too. Equipped with fries, ketchup and chutney, it was a great value for money.

I was with 2 other friends of mine, and I was wondering that Continue reading “Red Apple – (Khadda Market Zamzama Commercial)”