Savour Palao and Kabab

In Pakistan we have a culture of eating chapati more than rice in our daily life. However there are some families who prefer rice and my best friend’s family is one of them. So once I got a chance to Islamabad with him. I’ve been to Islamabad before but this time I was with my best buddy.

The reason to tell that my friend is a rice lover is that when we think to eat out, we think of biryani mostly. In Islamabad his cousin took us to Savour Foods for the first time. Well Savour Pilao and Kabab is so famous in Islamabad that you don’t need to be rice lover for the experience. Savour Foods which is famous for Palao and Kabab is so renown that any random taxi driver will know the address of it and you don’t need to tell him that where it is. Continue reading “Savour Palao and Kabab”