Preparation For The Celebration

Pakistani flagsNations celebrate their Independence day in certain ways and so do Pakistani people. Pakistani people celebrate their Independence day with full energy, passion and patriotism. Even if one don’t do any patriotic activity year long but the day which reminds us about our Independence is full of emotions.

Our Independence day is on 14th August so the preparation starts from the start of August month. Whole country seems to be in green and white color which are colors of our flag. Whether you see the flags, T-shirts or any other stuff, every thing is in green or white. Whole country seems to enjoying the Independence which we got in year 1947. There are many stalls in every bazaar and road. Each stall has different badges of Pakistan, whether Pakistani flag or Quaid-e-Azam portrait or Allama Iqbal’s portrait. Different style of badges and stickers which kids use to get many and place them on their cloths. Adults use to wear Pakistani flag badges on their shirts and feel proud to celebrate Independence Day. T.V. channel anchors use to wear Pakistani flag badges in these starting fourteen days of August. Many channels and companies change their logos as green and white and give special offers for Independence Day. Continue reading “Preparation For The Celebration”