KFC Low Cost Deals

KFC low cost deals (streetwise)KFC has recently promoted their low cost deals with the name of Streetwise. In this, they have shown those deals and only burgers which are of low price. Click on the photo to enlarge the deals menu or read below all of the deals written on this ad. Continue reading “KFC Low Cost Deals”

Mr. Cod In Lahore

Mr. Cod is an English Fast Food Chain which are famous for their Fish Burgers. They said to start their business in 1979 near to London. Then they keep on expanding their business by launching more outlets and franchising throughout the country. Afterward they look in to other countries and take their outlets their too. Few years back they have started their outlets in Pakistan too and choose hot places in Lahore to open their outlets.

Lahore is said to be the Kitchen of Pakistan and people here love to eat food. There are already many international fast food chains existed in Pakistan and in Lahore. International fast food chains like KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut etc. were already present here, so Mr. Cod also thought to start their business here. They also launched their outlets in other cities like Islamabad, Karachi and Sialkot too but I’ll here discuss about their Lahore experience. Continue reading “Mr. Cod In Lahore”

Red Apple – (Khadda Market Zamzama Commercial)

A small restaurant which has no seating arrangement but has delicious food to excite its customers to go there again and again. One either sits in his car and eats or takes away the food.

The best part is their deal system. With everything you order, you get a ROLL for free. This was atleast shocking for me because the roll itself was so tasty and mouth-watering that after eating chicken mega-burger, I couldn’t stop myself from eating the roll too. Equipped with fries, ketchup and chutney, it was a great value for money.

I was with 2 other friends of mine, and I was wondering that Continue reading “Red Apple – (Khadda Market Zamzama Commercial)”