Are You A Fudge Lover?

There is a little difference in taste of chocolate and fudge. I’ve tried to search the difference but didn’t found it on web, one can get to know about it from a cook. Well Fudge lover must know that it has a unique taste. I think chocolate is a main thing and fudge is prepared by using chocolate and other stuff to make it’s special taste. Well if you put both in front of me than I’ll go for Fudge.

Fudge Experience:

Fudge is used in different pastries, brownies, cakes etc. I use to have fudge chocolate as well which is very tasty. But you know what happened once that I went to a renown bakery ‘Kitchen Cuisine’ here in Lahore and I found a square black pieces over there, not dark black but little brownish black or you can say simply black. Continue reading “Are You A Fudge Lover?”