Summer’s Heaven: Thandiani – Abbottabad

Thandiani house

Thandiani - Abbottabad

While my time in Abbottabad I was asking people to tell me any place here to go. Most of them give me the name of Thandiani but I don’t have a clue about it. I never knew that it would be a mountain cliff. I started journey with my relatives there, it was hot in Abbottabad like Lahore. I was wearing a half sleeves T-shirt with Jeans. When I tell one of my fellow in Abbottabad about going to Thandiani; he told me to bring along a jacket, I thought he is kidding but I took one. After reaching there I realize he was not kidding.

Its name is Thandiani from urdu word thand which means ‘cold’ and remain cold all year. Just 25 kilometers below where I was wearing T-shirt needed a warm jacket. It was sun shining below and on the mountain it was snow on the floor. We started to throw ice balls on each other but it was so cold that our hands get frozen. My cousin was unable to just press the button of the camera as his hands were not moving due to cold. We played there for some time, try to make a snow man, which due to cold hands, we don’t dare to complete.

Besides cold weather over there it has eye catching mountain beauty scenes from every side. Nature has such a wonderful attraction in it that you just keep staring at the mountains and you don’t get tired of it, you want to spend more time looking at it. It doesn’t have any rides or tourist stuff up there but a very good picnic point. Whenever you feel hot and sweaty in summer, just pick up your food, go to Thandiani and spend your day there.

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