Student Biryani Saver Deal

Student Biryani in Lahore is offering Saver Deal which is to save your money. They have wonderful biryani and their target market is students so they mostly focus on low rates. Keeping this in view they have offered students to save money through Saver Deal. I’ve seen road hoardings on their main outlet near Barkat Market, I don’t know if the same deal is applicable to their other branches or not. Barkat Market branch is near Punjab University which is a great place to attract lot of students.

Saver Deal: 1 Regular Biryani + 1 Shami Kabab + 1 Regular Coke for Rs. 99/- only.

6 thoughts on “Student Biryani Saver Deal

  1. I am near Fortress Branch and they too are offering this deal. Good for two ‘normal’ appetites.

    BTW, I want to invite you to Doodh Patti. How can I approach you. I don’t find you contact on this blog. Could you write me.

  2. Thank you for updating the news however today I’ve seen this deal’s add on Jang newspaper’s front page.

    Are you inviting me to your blog Doodh Patti or the real Doodh Patti. Well my email address is I should write it on my about page too.

  3. Here in Lahore they are selling Biryani, Chicken Qorma, Chicken roast pieces (like KFC), Finger Fish, Shami Kabab, Burger (kids meal) and in sweet they serve Firni.

    @Jalal: Are you talking something other than this in Karachi?

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