Student Biryani – Fortress Stadium

student-biryani Student Biryani is already a big name in Karachi. I’ve eaten it few years back in a visit to Karachi. That time I wasn’t a Lahori eater type of person so I take it lightly and just eat it to have a good food, however I didn’t like the place cleanliness much.

Now when it started in Lahore few months back, I visited it with one of my friend which claim it to be the best biryani of Lahore.

I also agree with my friend as I’ve never eaten such a tasty biryani in restaurants (my mom makes the best one in home). I’ve often visited the place and enjoyed this great tasty biryani. However I don’t like the Shami Kabab which leaves my mouth dry. They have also other things on their menu like ‘Karahi’ ‘Chicken broast’ ‘Fish’ etc. I’ve tasted broast and fish lately which tastes good and especially the sauce which is served with them is fantastically spicy and tasty.


In evening it is mostly full with customers though you could get a table there soon. It is double storey and once it was so full that they also start serving in basement which is also designed for customers, but not in as good condition as upper story is. Actually their management office is downstairs where employees frequently pass through.

Prices are very reasonable of all the dishes, to see the complete price list click on the below photos of their menu. One page is also mentioning their deals which turn out to be very good if you are more than one.



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  1. sir ur biryani is very tasty i like it very much. we always use to student biryani in karachi n now is in lahore very good. we often come here for dininig.

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