Sozo Water Park v/s Sky Land Water Park


There are only two water parks in Lahore. For the population of nearly 10,000,000 people of Lahore, there are only two water parks. Well if we subtract old people, infants, ladies, under poverty line, people not interested in water parks etc. we would have a less number but still it won’t subtract even 80%. So there are hell a lot of people out there who wants to enjoy water parks in summer and we have very less options. Though the good side is that we have options, most of the cities won’t have any single water park.

Our water parks are not functioning in winter as they don’t have a hot water system so it remain open for half year but that half year is so crowded that water parks owner would definitely earn the other half part in one season.
Find below the comparison of only two water parks of Lahore:


They both are on same Canal Road near to BRB Canal, not more than 1 km away from BRB canal. But BRB canal is considered as the end of urban Lahore, people who wants to visit Wahga border goes beyond to that canal. If we are coming from city side than it is almost 8 to 10 kilometers away from Mughalpura or almost 4 kilometers away from Ring Road (Harbanspura Interchange).

Sozo water park and Sky Land water park are nearly 500 meters away from each other. If we are coming from city then Sky Land comes first at left hand side and after few meters, Sozo Water Park at right side. Sky Land is right opposite to famous Jallo Park and Sozo Water Park is at one side of Jallo Park.


Both parks have same timings which start from 10 am in the morning till the sunset, which nowadays, is at 7 pm.

Tickets Prices:

Sozo Water Park:

Sozo water park is the famous one and it is the crowded one as well, you’ll find below why. So they have applied demand / supply rule and they have different rates on weekends, Sundays and weekdays. They have following per person tickets prices at given days.

Monday – Thursday:  Rs. 150/-
Friday – Saturday: Rs. 300/-
Sunday: Rs. 350/-

Sky Land Water Park:

It comes earlier than Sozo water park but people still prefer that so it’s ticket price is also less.

Monday – Friday: Rs. 100/-
Saturday – Sunday: Rs. 150/-

Water Rides:

Sozo Water Park:

sozo-water-park-ridesSozo water park has a lot more water rides than Sky Land. Firstly the most prominent water slide is much higher in Sozo water park if it is compared with Sky Land’s. Find below the complete list of water rides they have:

1.Twister: one has get through a long sliding tunnel and then a twisting round ride directly through in water
2.Lazy River
3.Racer’s Slide
4.Speed Slide
5.Kindle Slide
6.Bullet Slide
7.Free Fall Slide: It is one of the most adventurous slide which don’t have any jumps in between so one directly goes down with out-of-control-speed. This slide remain close most of the time due to it’s dangerous aspect. People don’t use to take a ride as it meant to built, they sometimes take ride by standing which becomes dangerous in this one.
8.Lag Slide
9.Waves Pool: A big pool in which there are waves which gives an impression of sea.

Sky Land Water Park:

It doesn’t have any water rides as we see in Sozo water park but however it has the formal slides of water parks which is also available in Sozo water park. It doesn’t have any thing special which Sozo Water Park doesn’t have.

1.Racer’s Slide
2.Waves Pool: Sky Land was the first one to introduce the waves pool in Lahore or in water parks business but soon Sozo water park introduced their own with a big in size and beautifully designed.
3.It has couple of other slides which include a short free fall slide also.

Other Fun Rides:

Sozo Water Park:

Besides water slides there are many other fun rides to enjoy. Some of them have separate tickets which are like Bhoot Bangla etc. I’m giving you the list of free rides which are included in water park’s ticket.

3.Star Ship
4.Flying Gini
6.Smiling Mirrors
8.Tea Cup
9.Kids Adventure Park

Sky Land Water Park:

sky-land-fun-ridesSky Land water park is also giving a wide range of fun rides which also have two categories, those which are free (included in water park’s ticket) and those for which one has to buy separate ticket. Find below their list

Free Rides:
1.Monkey Ride
2.Kids Corner
3.Mono Train
4.Ferris Wheel
5. Tea Cup
6.Mini Train
7.Sky Train

Ticket Rides:
1.Dodging Car
2.Racing Car
3.Tower Placen
4.Flying Carpet
5.Motor Boat / Paddle Boat
6.Boggy Ride
7.Ghost House “Bhoot Bangla”


Sozo Water Park:

This park was earlier built and gather a lot people plus they didn’t put down their quality and keep introducing new rides in it. That’s why people still prefer to go to Sozo water park whether it’s ticket is of double price as compare to Sky Land Water Park.

As these two water parks are the only options in Lahore and people prefer to go Sozo Water Park which makes it so crowded. If we divide 100% people who visit to water parks, then 85% people would go to Sozo Water Park and 15% for Sky Land water park. But sometimes it happen that one don’t wish to have fun in so much crowded area and then he thought to give Sky Land a try.

Still this is the famous one and people coming from other cities remember the name Sozo water park only and wish to visit there. It has more water rides, big swimming pools, though there is less space in it. Many people just avoid to go there because of so much crowd, I’m one of those too. I wish to go on weekdays timing in which there would be least people in pool.

Sky Land Water Park:

As there is lot of people eager to go to water parks so the 15% is also enough for them to run the business. Sky Land came after Sozo water park so everyone thought they would give a tough competition to them. Indeed they did give a tough competition to Sozo water park but Sozo water park keep on updating their rides and they remain still there which makes them loosing a business.

Last summer we friends went to water park and Sozo was full with people so we decided to go to Sky Land. It was less crowded, we become happy to see that and went in. As we move in, we saw the first thing ‘The Waves Pool’ totally empty, Wow! We jumped in and start doing swimming and playing with ball. Soon other people came in and join the pool. While playing in the pool, we saw a kid at the side of the pool came to the shore side with her mom. Her mom (who doesn’t have any manners at all) put that little kid’s short down and he just pissed in to the water. Yukh! We immediately jumped out of water and everyone does the same, why we don’t go to the authorities at that time. Well the pool become empty and a bunch of youngsters came from the gate, saw the waves pool empty and jumped in with joy.

End Note:

In these water parks pool where lot of people with kids, who could have felt cold any, time in water and could do anything, should have some measures. One could avoid this condition by going to only those pools in which there are no kids. Actually both parks have a separate pools with kids but waves pool is one which is in slope and shore is at ground level, so beware when kids are around.

If I have to go for swimming only then there are many swimming pools in Lahore in which Punjab University Swimming Pool and Model Town Swimming Pool are the famous one, I prefer to go there, then. Summer vacations are on, take out the time, and go to have fun in water.

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  1. ahan nice comparison for whom which outside of the lahore… well naboo..make a plan for pool………. but please learn swimming first… u know mien “ghere pani ka shoqeen hun”

  2. @Usman: we should make a plan for Sozo Water park for fun rides, I’ll learn swimming in swimming pool I joined last summer. But let’s have a water sliding race competition, how that sounds to you…?

  3. Hi. I am coming in from London. What’s the dress code for sozo? Do I need to wear long shorts? Can I wear. My speedos, the underwear style swimsuit? I don’t want to offend anyone but I can’t wear knee length shorts. Thanks.

  4. salam i would like know that tf you dont mind who is the managing directer of sozo wter park that is very funny and risky activities wether it made a skill engineer or ordinary structure prepairer= thank u plz rep must

  5. yaro yeh information to update krdia karo

    ab sozo ki ticket price yeh hai


    Monday to Thusday 250/200

    Friday- Saturday 350/300

    Sunday 400/300

    And after sunset 150/150

  6. what is the condition of hygiene in sozo water park? has someon visited the park recently? are the pools clean?

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