Ring Road Lahore

Ring Road Lahore

Ring Road Lahore has become blessing for the people of Lahore, specially to those who have to travel from one corner to another within the city. I’m not a user of this road as I’ve to go to Gulberg or now to Johar Town for which I choose Canal Road. Canal Road has no traffic signal from One end of Lahore to another end. It is straight road with lot of underpasses. But this straight road didn’t connect all areas of Lahore. For this purpose one can use Ring Road of Lahore.

Ring Road is a circular road around whole city Lahore. If one has to pass through a long way within a city then he could enter into this three lane road through any interchange and go directly to one’s certain point without any traffic signal. One might has to do some extra miles while traveling on this ‘Ring Road’ but it will certainly lessen down the time and tension one face while traveling through rush and traffic of the city.

Well, one day I had a work in Sanda, near to Krishan Nagar which is few kilometers away from end of Mall Road. I’ve to go to Mughalpura after it. If I go through Mall Road which has hell a lot of traffic signals and one of the rushy road of Lahore then I believe it would take nearly an hour minimum. Person over there said me that; why don’t you use Ring Road? I said: can I get on to it from here because it has one interchange on Harbanspura which is couple of kilometers away from Mughalpura. Well after half kilometer of streets I was on Ring Road and I took above photo over there. Well I note the time from there and  it took me 20 minutes to reach Harbanspura interchange.

These 20 minutes on Ring Road were without any traffic signal, without any rush of traffic. There were traffic on it but didn’t bother much as it is a three lane road like motorway. I keep blessing those who construct this road as it saved my lot of tension and hustle time on rushy roads.

Ring Road Lahore is planned to cover whole city but it is half constructed at t he moment, other parts are under construction. One of the important part of this road is one which will cover Multan Road but there is a problem of markets over there and we are not sure when it will pursue. Though it is constructed from Sanda or Krishen Nagar to Allama Iqbal international airport (Lahore’s international airport). Forward from airport is under construction while there are few parts in circle are also complete and usable. I believe when this round will complete we’ll face less traffic in city as much people would prefer to use Ring Road of Lahore.

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