Red Onion: Murree v/s Islamabad

Red Onion

Red Onion Murree:

10 days before summer vaccation I went to Murree, it was one o clock at night and I was so happy that I would find the complete mall road for me but this dream shattered when I reach the enterance of Mall road. It was difficult to even walk at that street at that time of the night. To find a refugee and to enjoy a good dinner I entered Red Onion whose deal ‘buy one pizza get one free’ had caught my eyes. I ordered chicken Tikka and Fajita and was anxiuosly waiting for them. The main disappointment was when the Pizza was arrived and I have to ask the waiter that which pizza is which one. Pizzas were good if the aim is to stuff yourself but aim is to enjoy good taste then unfortunately this is not my place. Both pizzas have same taste and I decided that next time I’ll never try Pizza again on Red Onion.

Red Onion Islamabad:

After my last experience at Red Onion Murree where I have decided not to enter in this chain again, somehow I again end up at Red Onion Islamabad blue area within a week of previous experience. This time I ordered some desi food like Chicken karahi and Chicken Handi but this food had changed the impression of Red Onion again. Maybe next time I visit Red Onion Murree and try the desi food there.

7 thoughts on “Red Onion: Murree v/s Islamabad

  1. I think Red Onion all chains are fantastic. Sure some experiences at times are not as good as the previous ones but most of the times i have come out of Red Onion finding myself enjoying the ambiance, great locations and tasty affordable foods. I think its great they choose tourist locations and provide food there which we could only dream of a few years ago. Everytime i went to Nathia Gali or Murree or even Abbt i could only envision having Chicken Karahi, but now to think we can enjoy burgers, steaks and pizza’s and great pakistani and Chinese variety is something to appreciate and applaud Red Onion for. A few days back i went to the Red onion in blue area and saw that it had changed into a bistro i went in to see that it was more like the ones i have visited it abroad. they had cakes, pastries, brownies, keish and great sandwiches with sheesha and coffees. I loved it. I appreciate Red Onion for making an effort in our country and bringing such great diversity in the field of restaurants. I love the fact i can go up hills and eat different foods, and sometimes the food isn’t all that great but thats the chance i am willing to take to come next time and experience better. Red Onion Keep it up!

    1. Tabinda, I do agree with you that “Red Onion” had provided with an opportunity to enjoy different type of foods under one roof and that too with a nice venue at Muree and Nathiaglai. But I still think that their branch at Muree needs to improve a bit to maintain the fame of its name. Last weekend I was again at Muree Red Onion and the experience was just OK, not as good as their other branches at Blue Area and Nathiagali.

  2. On 29/08/10, I opt for Iftar+Dinner buffet in Red Onion Murree out let. Food was tasteless and service was poor too. I guess management believes to make more profits during Ramazan period by lowerig the quality of food. True Pakistani Muslims (Worse among all Muslims)

  3. Today I ate worst meal meal of my life curtsey Red Onion Murree 🙁 It was a complete waste package. So I would rate zero to this restaurant.
    Environment….. below average
    Hygiene ….. Poor
    Food Taste ….. very poor
    Food Quality …. very poor

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