Red Apple – (Khadda Market Zamzama Commercial)

A small restaurant which has no seating arrangement but has delicious food to excite its customers to go there again and again. One either sits in his car and eats or takes away the food.

The best part is their deal system. With everything you order, you get a ROLL for free. This was atleast shocking for me because the roll itself was so tasty and mouth-watering that after eating chicken mega-burger, I couldn’t stop myself from eating the roll too. Equipped with fries, ketchup and chutney, it was a great value for money.

I was with 2 other friends of mine, and I was wondering that my 1 blue note will be used for the lunch but I was amazed to see that I hardly used 1 green note of Rs. 500. Wow isn’t it. 3 people eating Mega Burger, Tikka, and a Zinger Burger along with fries.

Unlike other places, the fries were of some standard, which I was not expecting to be true.

Red Apple is in the midst of Zamzama Commercial Boulevard where there are juices shops, fast food places, hot n spicy, other restaurants, one potato two potato (optp) and many more. Still out of many restaurants, it has made its name and that was visible by its customers.

The taste was so appetizing that I will surely go there again. Hope you go there too πŸ˜‰

7 thoughts on “Red Apple – (Khadda Market Zamzama Commercial)

  1. Well I am totally agree with you. Those guys have amazing deals and really tasty food. I just love their food. Its been 4 years now since I am working in that area and I always prefer to eat food from Red Apple because just in 200 rupees you can get Mega Zinger Burger alongwith Chutni Roll and Fries and catchup. Wow!!! And same deal in 200 with Quarter Broast and Roll…

    Love Red Apple πŸ™‚

  2. Yupe. And I always give priority to Red Apple rather Hot n Spicy. Well now they have a small dine in place also at Khadda Market but at Tariq Road they have a large place. And now they have updated their site and you can place your order also online. Isn’t cool…. πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks Sakina :). I am too an out-going girl and loves to dine out with family and friends, that’s why I always keep myself updated with the latest happenings in my favorite restaurants :D. And I also like Silver Spoon located at Tariq Road. Have you been there?

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