Rats Drop Gourmet Bakery’s Sales

Gourmet Bakers which is considered as the largest bakery chain in Lahore. This bakery is growing so rapidly and remove all those street bakeries. They have done this with keeping two things at top in their strategy; one is price and other is cleanliness or quality. Their outlets are always very neat and clean. There is staff hired only to mop the floor at all time. Whenever you visit, there would be one mopping the floor. When they see dirty footsteps on their tiles, they clear it up immediately. This cleanliness and low price have attracted all Lahore to use Gourmet products. Secondly they reach to every corner of Lahore and one can get their hands on it wherever in Lahore. Recently they have started their shops in different cities of Pakistan too.

Other than there regular bakery stuff they have also launched soft drinks which has brought a big difference in Pakistani soft drink market. They have spread these Gourmet soft drinks all over Pakistan. They keep introducing pastries, different cakes and other stuff which keep them updated. Recently Gourmet company has also jumped in catering service with the name of Gourmet Catering Service.

Everything was going very fine with Gourmet, people were loving it. There were some issues of staff’s behavior but still people use to go to Gourmet. People know that they are giving good quality food with clean environment. In my earlier post of Gourmet Downfall which I wrote due to their behavior and less tasty products, people discussed much of their feelings in comments. But I realize that it wasn’t the time of Gourmet’s downfall because people don’t have any other option. Now I believe it is hard to beat Gourmet Bakers because they have spread too much and have lot of product lines. In discussion of Gourmet Downfall post (see comments), some people complain about their quality. One of them, who said that he is an employee of Gourmet tell everyone that they are not giving good quality. They have lot of mice in their bakery and all stuff is dirty. Gourmet is only showing the neat and clean front but it is dirty from inside.

Now after looking this recently released video on youtube, we all come to know that they are not keeping their bakery clean; there are mice in their bakery, not in production area, but in display area, which is suppose to be more clean. How come Gourmet Bakers become so irresponsible for their display. Look out this below video where rats are eating Gourmet cakes. Now how come I, ever, gonna eat that cake. How come anyone going to take cake from Gourmet after looking to this video. This video is also shown on T.V. and which affect lot of drop in Gourmet sales. I don’t know how Gourmet can reply to this video, how come they gain their customers again?

10 thoughts on “Rats Drop Gourmet Bakery’s Sales

  1. Mujhay lagta hai yeh kisi ki saazish hai gourmet bakers k khilaaf MashaAllah itna acha business chal raha tha gourmet ka thats why kisi ne saazish ki hai

    Muzammil Joiya

  2. Their sales have indeed come down alot coz of these videos. Although there are other bakeries too where such things are normal. I once visited Hafiz Sweets (Krishan Nagar branch), there I was about to order for sweets when suddenly I asked the guy to let me taste one gulab jaman, he gave it to me and I broke it in two pieces (luckily) and I found a dead bee inside that gulab jaman.
    So, its not only gourmet, its almost everywhere.

  3. This is something which has been tapped and people got to know about this; otherwise who knows what else is going on behind the scenes. The food inspectors are corrupt, as many segments of our society are. They are given bribes and they in return give a clean chit to the filthiest outlets operating all over Pakistan.

    1. I believe if they stop bribing health inspectors and start putting that money in increasing quality of food then it will be a better option for both company and customers

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