Ramadan Calender for 2011

Ramadan Calender for Lahore, year 2011

Date Ramadan SEHR (AM) IFTAR (PM)
2-Aug-2011 1 3:47 6:59
3-Aug-2011 2 3:47 6:58
4-Aug-2011 3 3:48 6:56
5-Aug-2011 4 3:49 6:56
6-Aug-2011 5 3:50 6:55
7-Aug-2011 6 3:51 6:54
8-Aug-2011 7 3:52 6:53
9-Aug-2011 8 3:53 6:52
10-Aug-2011 9 3:54 6:51
11-Aug-2011 10 3:55 6:50
12-Aug-2011 11 3:56 6:49
13-Aug-2011 12 3:57 6:48
14-Aug-2011 13 3:58 6:47
15-Aug-2011 14 3:58 6:47
16-Aug-2011 15 3:59 6:46
17-Aug-2011 16 4:00 6:45
18-Aug-2011 17 4:01 6:44
19-Aug-2011 18 4:02 6:43
20-Aug-2011 19 4:03 6:42
21-Aug-2011 20 4:04 6:40
22-Aug-2011 21 4:05 6:39
23-Aug-2011 22 4:06 6:38
24-Aug-2011 23 4:07 6:37
25-Aug-2011 24 4:08 6:36
26-Aug-2011 25 4:09 6:35
27-Aug-2011 26 4:10 6:34
28-Aug-2011 27 4:10 6:32
29-Aug-2011 28 4:11 6:31
30-Aug-2011 29 4:12 6:30
31-Aug-2011 30 4:12 6:29


The difference of Lahore with other cities:

Kasoor 1 Minute Later
SheikhuPura 1 Minute Later
Gujranwala 3 Minutes Later
Sialkoot 3 Minutes Later
Chakwaal 6 Minutes Later
Karachi 29 Minutes Later
Peshawar 13 Minutes Later
Muree 4 Minutes Later
Sahiwaal 3 Minutes Later
Gujraat 3 Minutes Later
Rawalpindi 6 Minutes Later
Jehlum 4 Minutes Later
Multan 10 Minutes Later
Faislabaad 11 Minutes Later
Sargodha 6 Minutes Later
Mirpur 6 Minutes Later

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