Power Full Experience


Guest post by Shahzaib Siddiq

Yesterday I had the “Powerful Experience”  i.e. I drink Powerful Energy Drink. Taste wise it was not that much “sweet” as Sting by Pepsi Co. so you can well imagine that it is REAL energy drink because unlike Sting and Booster you cannot drink it like a soft cold drink.

Now come to the point, lets compare with Red Bull which is famous for its real energy thing although I never get any of it from Red Bull and Powerful also failed to give me any energy. But another very common use of energy drinks is to keep you up for extended time periods for which I prefer Coffee because I never found energy drinks useful for this purpose.

Yesterday I woke up at 9 am and at 6 pm I took a Powerful energy drink and then I tried to sleep again and again after 12 am but I failed… I slept at 4 am in the morning, O Man!

So I am gonna have some more Powerful Experiences and after that I’ll let you guys know if its taste is getting better like Red Bull or not 🙂

11 thoughts on “Power Full Experience

  1. best Pakistani energy drinks are lassee, sardai, falludah and sattu etc.
    What do you think about these things. these are the real energ but you have to take these things after laborious work.

    1. Sardai, lassi, faludah, sattu and the types are the energy drinks that are under discussion. And also they have no comparison with the carbonated high caffeine drinks that are under discussion.

  2. Im wondering that how you people are giving comments and comparing products which are even not comparable. How you can compare Lassi with energy drink that you don’t even know the functions of energy drink.

    Lassi gives you sleepy feeling and helps you to be relax, but energy drinks helps you to be active, these two products are against each other

  3. Actually energy drinks have ingredients that make human body active and keep it active for extended period of time. So drinking them at night time could be bad idea because they can disturb natural sleep pattern to some people.

  4. And Mr. Nabeel, what is your qualification about food tasting that you are posting such comments! Energy drinks are a different class and opposite to the types of lassi and sardaye, I suppose. And you personal preferences should not over ride your comments. Try to be neutral and reasonable while commenting.

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