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Summer is all about liquid you take. I love summer as you have chance to have lots of drinks with different flavors and different types. Keep on having juices and enjoy the heat. As summer starts many companies jump in to introduce their new flavor of juices or drinks which would become part of consumer for this summer. Firstly companies use to introduce their juices in tetra packing but now they are moving towards plastic bottles. In recent years many companies introduced their plastic bottle juices and get the attention of consumers. Let me share you my experience with each one of them.

Pulpy Orange:

pulpy-orangePulpy Orange by Coca Cola company has become one of the famous drink last year. They have introduced only one flavor in their drink which is orange and they have used orange pulp in it. Every bottle is filled with real orange pulp which makes the orange drink experience more wonderful. They must have also added some sweetness in it and don’t kept the drink as the fresh orange juices. Fresh orange juices are little bitter, however people like that bitterness of orange. They have given the sweet taste of orange with pulp in it. One bottle is full with pulp that you get it in every sip.

It is my best friend’s best drink and he never take any other juice. It’s price varies from Rs. 40/- to Rs. 45/- depending on different stores. Though they have introduced the drink at Rs. 35/- last year.

Slice Mango:

slice-by-pepsiHow come Pepsi set back when Coca Cola has launched their juice line. This year Pepsi has also introduced their juice line drink with the name of ‘Slice’. You must have seen the commercial ads of this drink on Indian media for some time. Pepsi have launched their drink in India much earlier but this year they have also introduced their drink in Pakistan. I haven’t seen any commercial ad campaign in Pakistan as Coca Cola has done for Pulpy Orange but it is available in many markets. Of course Pepsi has a large distribution network in Pakistan so it is not hard for him to deliver it’s drink in every shop.

They have introduced their drink in only one flavor at the moment which is Mango. I’ve tried several other mango drinks and when I see this drink I expected some better results as it is from a big international company. But sad to say that ‘Slice’ by Pepsi has disappointed me. I don’t like the mango flavor in it and think of never buying it again. It is also available in small packing of 250 ml with the price of Rs. 20/-

Fresher Juice:

fresher-juiceFresher become famous in recent years as it become the first one to introduce the plastic bottle juices widely in Pakistan. They have introduced the plastic bottle of 500 ml with the price of Rs. 40/-. They have kept in mind that people are real hungry in summer and don’t like to have only 250 ml so they have given the double size bottle to beat the summer’s heat.

They have introduced their drink in different flavors including Mango, Guava, Orange, Peach, Falsa and Strawberry. I tried the strawberry flavor first and start loving it, then I tried all others. Strawberry and Guava flavor have little roughness of fruits in it which makes the experience great. Other flavors are rather plain and don’t give the feelings of real pulpy juice but a good flavor juice.

One value added thing about this juice is the information they provide with every different flavor bottle. They have attached a paper tag with every bottles cap which gives the information about that fruit. Information like the origin of fruit, it’s availability in Pakistan, it’s benefits in health and modern sciences and what energy we could have with certain fruit. I love that info pack with every flavor and love to read that little peace of information while having Fresher juice.

Vivo Juice:

vivo-juiceAs Fresher discover the whole new market of 500 ml juice taking people, many other brands jump in. Right after Fresher, Vivo Juice jump in and introduced the same flavor as Fresher does. They introduced Mango, Guava, Strawberry and Orange flavor. They haven’t introduce Peach and Falsa flavor yet.

Their price is also same as of Fresher which is Rs. 40/- They have copied the idea and juices and didn’t become successful in making a better juice than Fresher. However they have make their juice available in every market and there are many shops who don’t have Fresher juice but they give Vivo Juice instead. Due to it’s availability people try this drink, some didn’t find much difference and keep on taking the juice which they easily get from market. They might have given more profit margin to shopkeepers so they replace their Fresher juices with Vivo. Both juices, Fresher and Vivo don’t have much difference in it but if I’ve to choose between these two, I’ll definitely go for Fresher.

Siprus Juice

siprus-juiceSiprus have introduced their drink last year. It is introduced by a company named ‘Pure Foods Company (Pvt.) Ltd.’ Last year I’ve seen the road hoardings of this drink in Moon Market Lahore. They have advertise much on boards and shown lot of different flavor juices on it. I’m a juice lover in summer so I search hard for this new flavor juice but didn’t find it in any store and at last I forget the name of it. This summer while searching the fridge of a store I found the Siprus Juice in it which takes my mind directly to last summer and I instantly grab this drink to check it out. I was in to mango flavor these days so I took the mango flavor of Siprus Juice.

First sip of the juice take me to the whole new world of mango experience. It is not a flavor, it seems to be a real mango juice. I took another sip and experience the mango flavor in it’s most true Pakistani form. This is the taste of real mango and only Siprus Juice has become successful in giving it. Siprus juice is the thickest juice of all available in market. It’s mango flavor is the most different and true Pakistani pulpy mango flavor and it has become my best plastic bottle juice since.

I’ve check the ingredients of this drink and find out that they have shown 18% mango pulp minimum. I thought, it is thickest one and the only one to give the taste of real mango and they have only 18% pulp which means other don’t even have that much amount. One more thing about Siprus juice is they are unable to maintain their standards because many times it happen with me that I take the juice and didn’t get that mango experience. Fifty percent bottle have that true experience, other fifty percent disappoint me whether they have same thickness as other bottles have.

It is also available in different flavor like Mango, Guava and Orange. It’s Guava flavor has also true aspects of real guava and orange flavor is in bitter taste as real oranges are. Orange juice don’t have pulp like Pulpy Orange has but it has orange bitterness which most people don’t like in juice. Bottle price is same that is Rs. 40/-

Biggest problem with my favorite drink is its distribution. It is available in only certain markets, company should think about its distribution than it could become one of the best juice choice of consumers.

Fruiticana Juice:

fruiticana-juiceRecently this year I’ve seen a very beautiful bottle in a fridge. I haven’t seen that beautiful bottle of juice earlier. So that bottle kept me attractive and demand to try it for once at least. This juice is available in mango and guava flavor and I took the mango flavor. Earlier I don’t like mango in artificial flavor. I love Mango as a fruit but don’t like it in juices, bubble gum, ice cream or any other artificial flavor but recently I’ve started to take mango juices. I still hate mango flavor in other things but not in juices anymore. So in juices I give mango flavor try first, secondly it also helps me differentiate with different companies mango flavor juices and rank that drink.

I must say that they have work hard, made a beautiful bottle and yet a tasty flavor drink. I grade that mango drink well after Siprus and before the famous Fresher. It is also thicker than Fresher and not than Siprus. Bottle price is same as other 500 ml plastic bottles are which is Rs. 40/- The only reason that people don’t know about this drink is its availability. They are available on limited shops only. Recently I’ve seen this drink in Gourmet outlets which is a good step because this way they would cover a larger part of Lahore. I hope they have good delivery system in other cities.

Flora Juice:

flora-juiceI’ve seen this juice in very limited bottle, tried it and found it just a normal drink. Thought their bottle is attractive and much close to Pepsi drink Slice but it has given a common mango flavor juice which didn’t stand it out with any other plastic bottle juices available in market. It is available in only mango flavor.

I got this drink while my road trip to Multan so they might be focusing on highways and not distributed their drink in cities.

So let me know if you have gone through different juices this summer, which one you like most…

16 thoughts on “Plastic Bottle Juices

  1. I have been in use of Pure Foods’s Juices ‘Siprus’ Its just amazing in taste, aroma, color. Its a real healthy drink because it base fruit pulps / concentrates.
    Taste it, you will like it.
    I can say ‘Siprus’ is Noi.1 juice of Pakistan.

  2. tell me about fresher juice products,how many flavour you have eg guava.doyou have strawbarry,peach ,pineapple flavours.

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