Pepsi Sting Big Change In Price

Energy drinks has gain a market which don’t care much about the price as they are always expensive then other drinks. Check out the prices of almost all energy drinks in Pakistani market in which you can also see the price of Pepsi’s energy drink ‘Sting’ of Rs. 60/-

Though Pepsi was already giving their energy drink in less price if we compare it with others. There were only few who are selling in less price than Pepsi but now they have leave everyone behind by giving the same amount of energy drink in Rs. 20/- Pepsi has changed their 250 ml energy drink price from Rs. 60/- to Rs. 20/- and has become the cheapest energy drink provider. If it would be of any unknown company then one could doubt about their quality but it is from one of world’s famous company Pepsi. Even when they sell their energy drink in high price, it was my favorite. And now they are so cheap that I can have them more often.

Well there are many people who are not impressed by ‘Sting’ and says that it is just another carbohydrate drink, not an energy drink. People believe that energy drink give you some more hours to wake up, it stimulates your brain to work more, however it is not the case with me. I’ve tried all energy drinks and not one of them become successful to escape me from sleep. So, for me, these all energy drinks are new kind of taste, in which I like ‘Sting’ most. It is good for me now that I can enjoy the same quantity of energy drink in just Rs. 20/-

Pepsi has changed the tin packing into disposable glass bottle which has tin cap on it. Their tin pack is still of Rs. 60/- which I believe would be older stock in market. They would be giving glass bottle from now on.

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