Pakistani Pizza

Pakistani Pizza in Firdous Market

Last weekend’s night, I was in Firdous market with my friend. Firdous market is in Gulberg; from where the cavalry bridge starts. Cavalry bridge has cavalry ground area at one side and other side lands at Firdous market. Firdous market has buildings where mostly students live or those people who came from other cities in search of job. As this place has so many outsiders, so there are so many low cost restaurants for them. We realized that we are starving because we didn’t have our lunch in afternoon so we start searching for some food.

Pakistani PizzaFirst thing we notice were chaat, milk shakes but we were looking for something heavy which will fill our tummies. Moving little bit inside the market we saw a sign of “Pakistani Pizza” and we move towards it. First thing I ask from him was Where is your Pakistani Pizza? and he pointed towards Besan wala Nan (Nan having potatoes on it which are fried in gram flour / chickpea flour) showing in the photo that round naan which has fried potatoes on it. So this is the “Pakistani Pizza”, we had it often but we were unaware of its modified name.

Well this Besan wala Nan or Pakistani Pizza is a tasty food to have but we don’t ordered it at that time instead we have some Pakoras and Nan. When you are hungry everything seems so tasty. We eat much and our bill was only Rs. 50/- Two persons can have dinner for just Rs. 50/- but I won’t mention the hygienic conditions of that place which wasn’t much good. We ask that kid name Naveed who was serving us that why don’t you cover your food. He replied that I started to do it once but people here stop coming at my place so I again uncovered it. I was amazed with people’s mentality, why one would not like that. But this is part of our culture and we like to eat like this. Don’t have it regularly or I won’t guarantee your health.

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  1. This I have tasted and ate many. I used to commute on the still under construction motorway while I was on an assignment near Lahore. And at the end of its section towards Lahore sat a pakoray wala who sold these pizzazzzzzzz. And I would always atop and ate these sizzling hot. Good days – good food.

  2. Yes I am from Lahore – lived 20 years of my life in Lahore – then moved out in search of rozgar and then married and finally settled in DHA-Islamabad. But Lahore remains inside me and I visit Lahore off and on and take my kids to all places where I spent my childhood and youth and make them eat all I once ate (Bhathooray, Murgh Channay, Fish, Gol gppay……..). Once a lahori – always one

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