I’m In Kamra

Yesterday my Mom planned to visit her elder son living in Kamra. Kamra is a small place in Northern Punjab where I believe nothing important is. It’s not possible to miss my daily morning classes so there ain’t any plan but urge to visit new places pursue me, n my heart says ‘let’s do it’, let’s give a leave for morning classes. I call my senior and says that I’m going to visit my brother and I’ll be back in three days. Plan was to come today but I didn’t wait to miss another day and said to my mom that let’s go now. It was 6 pm and we all get ready to move. We say our Maghrib prayer and get out of house at 7 pm. Continue reading “I’m In Kamra”

Fazal-e-Haq Biryani

Biryani is one of our traditional rice dish and there’s a big competition against it. There are many brands which only deals in Biryani. Brands like Student Biryani and Biryani Express. They are biryani specialist and their main item is biryani and they also make it good. Lately I’d Fazal-e-Haq biryani because I didn’t find above two franchises nearby. It wasn’t matchable to those names so when ever you wish to had a biryani go to some proper biryani brand. Those who have a list of other dishes in menu are very often good with such special dishes. Continue reading “Fazal-e-Haq Biryani”

Foggy Morning

Guest post by Amna Bushra

bench in fog

Once, as usual i entered my college early morning.For the very first time i went to college that early just because of my young brother who wanted to reach college satti saweray (early morning)because he don’t like to face head boys of our college directly on main gate, he scares that they might capture him for some reason.Anyways, as i was walking through a long distant path from main gate to classes, that incipient gleam of dawn and foggy scene took my attention.For once i froze there and started to stare. Then i wonder what if i capture that picture and post it on “Eat ‘n Travel” haha 🙂

Continue reading “Foggy Morning”

Gourmet Now In Catering Service

Gourmet Bakers have gain a big name in Lahore’s market. They have also started their bakery branches in other cities too. Like they have started their branch in Rawalpindi. They are expanding their business step by step. First they came in to FMCG products like soft drinks and distribute it to other shops as well, rather than selling at only their own outlets. They have given many different product lines but this time they have came up in Catering Service. Continue reading “Gourmet Now In Catering Service”

Pepsi Sting Big Change In Price

Energy drinks has gain a market which don’t care much about the price as they are always expensive then other drinks. Check out the prices of almost all energy drinks in Pakistani market in which you can also see the price of Pepsi’s energy drink ‘Sting’ of Rs. 60/-

Though Pepsi was already giving their energy drink in less price if we compare it with others. There were only few who are selling in less price than Pepsi but now they have leave everyone behind by giving the same amount of energy drink in Rs. 20/- Pepsi has changed their 250 ml energy drink price from Rs. 60/- to Rs. 20/- and has become the cheapest energy drink provider. If it would be of any unknown company then one could doubt about their quality but it is from one of world’s famous company Pepsi. Even when they sell their energy drink in high price, it was my favorite. And now they are so cheap that I can have them more often. Continue reading “Pepsi Sting Big Change In Price”