Omore Ice Cream’s Two New Flavor

Omore new Mango flavor ice creamOmore ice cream introduced two new flavors in 1.5 liter pack. These are strawberry and mango, but these are typical ice cream flavor which we always use to have, so what’s new in it. Well Omore ice cream has put some fruit chunks in it to give a better taste and fruit experience in ice cream. I haven’t tried it yet so can’t comment about it’s taste or how much Omore become successful in this. That seems to be a nice try and innovative step in field of some sweet stuff.

This ice cream pack is available only in big packing of 1.5 liter. Let me know if any one out there have tried this; is it worth trying? I’ve a cough so I’m not having ice cream or soft drinks for some days. I’ve a list of stuff to try as it ends, meanwhile let me know your experience…

2 thoughts on “Omore Ice Cream’s Two New Flavor

  1. Well I heard the same and tried mango flavor …
    those chunks are not the real fruit chunks actually …its ‘gur’ to which mango essence has been added …initially you feel its real mango but after a few spoons it reveals the fact…and your mouth gets tooooooo sweet

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