Murree Mall Road v/s Nathia Gali

Murree Mall Road:

Crowd at Murree Mall Road
Crowd at Murree Mall Road

Since childhood, the name of Muree use to bring a fresh breeze of happiness and a relax time at a beautiful Hill station. But Alas! that’s not the case anymore.  The number of people visiting this place had increased tremendously during last few years but unfortunately the place is same, without any extension.

I visited that place in this summer and took me almost more than an hour to reach mall road as it was so crowded and the car was moving just inch by inch and when we reached mall road then again we had to continue moving as there was no place to park the car. After wasting almost 3 – 4 hours I finally headed back to my hotel. Mall road is so much crowded now a days that it is impossible to enjoy a comfortable time with family.

Nathia Gali:

Whereas Nathiagali is emerging as a new and exotic place, with increasing number of shops which are opened till late night and a lot of hotels and investment going on to this side. May be Nathiagali is becoming Mall road of Murree gradually, but I wonder that it should not have the same fate as of Murree Mall road

One thought on “Murree Mall Road v/s Nathia Gali

  1. Yeah you are right, Murree Mall Road is becoming too crowded but there is a life in it whereas other places like Nathia gali is good to go and spend some time but I can’t live there for 3 to 4 days

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