Mr. Cod In Lahore

Mr. Cod is an English Fast Food Chain which are famous for their Fish Burgers. They said to start their business in 1979 near to London. Then they keep on expanding their business by launching more outlets and franchising throughout the country. Afterward they look in to other countries and take their outlets their too. Few years back they have started their outlets in Pakistan too and choose hot places in Lahore to open their outlets.

Lahore is said to be the Kitchen of Pakistan and people here love to eat food. There are already many international fast food chains existed in Pakistan and in Lahore. International fast food chains like KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut etc. were already present here, so Mr. Cod also thought to start their business here. They also launched their outlets in other cities like Islamabad, Karachi and Sialkot too but I’ll here discuss about their Lahore experience. They choose the right locations for their restaurants outlets. They designed it beautifully, maintain the cleanliness but unfortunately become flop. How is it possible that a food stuff get flop in Lahore especially? They remain here in Lahore for some time and then clean sweep. Take their all the outlets and get out of the market.

Reasons Of Failure:

Well in my opinion they have made a very big mistake of launching time of their outlets in Pakistan. Here is a trend in Pakistan that people use to love and eat fish in winters. In summer we avoid eating fish, even many famous fish providers close their shops in summer. Mr. Cod launch their business in summer with mentioning their specialty as fish, so very few people go there and they seem disappointment.

When KFC get to know that Mr. Cod is entering in the market, they see the competition and prepare themselves before their launch. KFC launch their ‘Fish Zinger’ and promote it all over. Earlier for Fish burger people use to go to McDonald’s for ‘Fillet-O-Fish’ but now they also got ‘Fish Zinger’ option. So people already use to try those burgers which were already in the market and Mr. Cod get less awareness.

Quick Shut Down of their all outlets become also one reason of failure. When an International fast food chain came in market, they get tremendous response from public, especially from the public of Lahore. But if they don’t get the desired response then they suppose to change some strategy and remain in the market. They had outlets at good places, promoted it well, people could come for once to try, like me; I’ve gone to Mr. Cod after long time to try them for once but I get to know that they are not here any more. What if I liked their taste and shift to them but they didn’t wait for that long

Revival Or Fake:

Mr. Cod MenuMr. Cod clean sweep their outlets after some time and remove all of their outlets from Lahore, I don’t know about other cities. After long time while passing through Khayaban-e-Firdosi in Johar Town I see an outlet of Mr. Cod on main road. I instantly go there and check it out whether it is the same Mr. Cod or any fake one. They have that same logo but maintenance was very bad. There was one family in their casual clothes with very few pieces of chicken and fish on their counter. No customer and people look so tired, I left with confuse mind.

I check out their website of Pakistan which have still written addresses of old outlets, mean they haven’t updated their website from long time. That Mr. Cod where I go have mentioned different addresses in different cities on their Menu. Check out this photo of Menu and guess that is it original Mr. Cod or not. If it is original then they have lessen down their quality so badly, if not then they should stop using their official logo and confusing people.

After Mr. Cod many other International brand launch their outlets in Lahore but become successful. Brands like Domino’s Pizza, Hardee’s came after Mr. Cod and are very successful.

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