Monson Begins: First Rain In Lahore

Today sky showers at Lahore for the first time in this summer. When I woke up in the morning, I heard the slow rain voice and I get to know that it rains at night. But after looking outside, I realized that there was very light shower but sky was dark at the time and there wasn’t any sign of sun. That tells me that something big gonna happened now and soon the rain starts. My younger bro was taking bath in the rain but I don’t opt to go in there because rain was slow. Soon the rain grew faster and faster and then it comes to rain like cat and dog. I come off to shelter and let myself to the first rain of Monsoon in Lahore. Rain grew faster and faster that our house become full of water which never happened in last ten years. I remain in the rain for an hour and enjoy that thunder rain at its most.

Then I go out to fetch a breakfast, actually looking for pakoray, samosay and fries but didn’t find any because it was early so came up with Nan chanay. After having breakfast I go out again and fetch some samosay which add more fun in rain experience. Weather remain great whole day and we all forget the blasting heat of last couple of days. Wish to have more days like this which would become summer feast for us in these hot days.

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