Memories Of Jhelum River

The river Jhelum is called Vitast? In the Rigveda and Hydaspes by the ancient Greeks. The The river was regarded as a god by the ancient Greeks, as were most mountains and streams; Since the river is in a country foreign to the ancient Greeks, it is not clear whether they named the river after the god, or whether the god Hydaspes was named after the river. Alexander the Great and his army crossed the Jhelum in BC 326 at the Battle of the Hydaspes River where he defeated the Indian king, Porus. According to Arrian (Anabasis, 29), he built a city “on the spot when he started to cross the river Hydaspes”. (source: wikipedia)

Now I am living in Lahore, but I still got fresh memories in my mind about Jhelum river. Some years back I used to enjoy the bath in the river along with my friends. Our Parents were very strict and have an eye on us that I should not go for bath in river. But somehow we manage to escape and go to river for swimming. In the beginning we just swim on the bank of river but my parent’s caught me and then I have to bear a lot of insult. But we friend’s were used to be the father of Devil. We never stop and stared to discover other territories. We started to go opposite side of river.

Jhelum river

Jhelum city is located on one side of river and on the other side it is a Big Jungle. We started to go to the other side (Bank of jungle) by boat. That is a very peaceful place where no is going to find us. We use to swim here for two or three hours and got relax and then came home with out acknowledgement of our parents! where we are? In the beginning we hire boat with person rowing boat for going to opposite side. But once we made a foolish plan we try to go on jungle bank by rowning the boat ourselves. We find boat which is useful for 6-8 peoples. Problem occurred we were 11 friends. We say no problem we all loaded in the boat! but problem continues… Boat has two small holes in it but no one wants to surrender. So we continue our journey, without proper saddle and any rowing experience, and two small holes in the boat. Two persons were throwing water from the boat. After experiencing this we change our mind and we decided to go to the little small patch in between the river by following less deep water. We took this big risk because lot of people’s among us are good swimmer. We Reach there at 11am in the morning n enjoy swimming till 5. The water of river jhelum is coming through mangla dam. The spellways opened by evening and closed by night. So Water levels increases in evening and decreased in the morning. When we started coming back water level was much higher than in the morning. The color of every person turned pale. But we have to go back n got only 1 option so we again loaded in boat and started the returning journey. Every one is silent, Boat was floating with the flow of river n after 10 to 15 mins we reached on the bank safe n sound. Whenever I thought about that event I became excited and afraid too…

Jhelum River is full of white meat, different kind of fishes. I also tried to caught them but never succeed, but if you are lucky enough you will find the fresh fish on the bank by fisherman. The Jhelum river is very dangerous every year 10 to 12 people drowned while swimming. The depth of river is more than 50 feet on some places. That is why our parents never allow us to go for swimming.But we never stopped. When I visit river last time I stand on river bank and remembered the golden days of my life. So I took some pics to share my awesome experience with you…

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