McDonald’s McFlurry

My favourite ice cream among all I’ve eaten till now is McDonalds Strawberry Sundae; yeah I’m talking about Sundae not Mcflurry. I like their cream and then strawberry syrup on it makes it even yummier. I’ve been a fan of chocolate ice cream first but I don’t know why I stop liking chocolate flavour in ice cream. From that time my favourite ice cream flavour is strawberry.

Cornetto McFlurry

I was looking at the billboards for some time showing new flavour of McDonald Mcflurry that are Cornetto strawberry and Cornetto chocolate. Is this also happens to you that if you see anything new; you like to try it for once at least. Last time they introduced their new flavours of strawberry, chocolate and M&M’s. I didn’t like M&M flavour and my best friend hated it very much and switch to its old favourite Oreo Mcflurry. He hated it so much that he doesn’t think of trying any new flavours now. But how can I stop my urge to try new flavours so I took him and get that new flavour Cornetto Mcflurry Strawberry. I kept in mind my previous encounter with Mcflurry M&M before taking first scoop. But this flavor repays McDonald’s previous bad experience.

They use same ice cream in their cones, sundae and Mcflurry, so this Mcflurry cornetto strawberry was like stirring strawberry sundae with Cornetto crunches in it. First full spoon of this flavour takes me to the world of new taste and then I took another spoon full with Cornetto Mcflurry Strawberry and close my eyes to experience the full goodness of it. It is simply WOW…

I’ve also tried the chocolate flavour from my bro’s cup on other visit which was nice too. So tell me how much you like it?

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