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Malt-drinkI hate Malt-79 by Murree Brewery, I don’t know why and how people drink it. It’s taste is so sour that you can have it only with Pepsi or Sprite if doctor advised you. People might drink it for the purpose that it fights the summer heat in body. I tasted that Malt drink for this purpose and decided to not drink again. Soon I find a new bottle in the fridges at the store which has written ‘Lemon Malt’ on it. It is from the same company Murree Brewery Co. Ltd. Let’s give it a try, I tried the first sip and it’s taste is not sour, whether a little pleasant with a touch of lemon in it. But still I love it because I have heard from somewhere about it’s good nature in summer. I started to drink it more often, then recently Murree Brewery launch two new flavor of Malt drink; first ‘Strawberry Malt’ and then ‘Peach Malt’ which have sweet flavor of fruits mentioned and good in taste. I tried ‘Strawberry Malt’ for some time but when I got the peach flavor I shifted to it and it tastes even better. Now I use to have peach flavor where I got it. This summer a new Italian brand ‘Stella’ jumps in the market of ‘Malt Drinks’ and selling all the flavors like; Lemon, Strawberry and Peach. I’ve compared the both brand according to following aspects.


Prices of both brand’s bottles are same which is Rs. 25/-


A benefit to Stella is of bottle and it’s cap. Murree Brewery is selling malt in glass bottle with a cap which needs an opener to open the bottle unless you have very strong teeth and you use open bottles from them, whereas ‘Stella’ is selling malt in plastic bottle with a plastic cap on it which is easy to open with hands.


If we compare both in taste then I’ll go for the Murree Brewery because they have more flavor in their bottle then other one. I like little sweeter drink with full taste of flavor mentioned on it. Otherwise ‘Stella’ ain’t bad either. Both has same color of drink and a little difference in taste which one can only judge if he/she uses to drink Malt very often.

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  1. Murree Brewery drinks are really hard to drink due to their harsh taste. But Stella is quite different. To be very exact, I am fond of Stella especially Apple.

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