Last Mangoes Of The Season


Mango is one of the most favorite fruit worldwide and it is considered as the ‘King of Fruits’. Here in Pakistan we have this fruit in plenty and have one of the best quality in the world. From Pakistan, Mangoes are exported worldwide where people enjoy the real Pakistani Mango and sell them on high rates. I’ve heard that in Paris, they sell Mango slices and it is so expensive to have Mangoes there. Same is the case with many other countries where Mango price is so high and people didn’t fully enjoy the ‘King of Fruits’. In some countries like Sweden and Norway, Mangoes are available but they came from Spain and doesn’t have that real taste. So first of Mango is a gift and then Pakistani Mango is a real gift for people who live in Pakistan.

People just start eating Mangoes as the season came which starts as summer starts and ends as summer ends. This year’s Mango season is near to end so grab this delicious fruit for one more time to enjoy this year. I’m having this a lot this year and now trying to have more at the end. This year, for the first time, I’ve thought about the different types of Mangoes and different tastes. I’ve enjoyed the Mango at its most this time.

There are many types of Mangoes which have different tastes and they are named differently. In Pakistan one of the most favorite Mango is ‘Chaunsa’ which is extremely delicious and found in Punjab province. However ‘Chaunsa‘ doesn’t came in start of summer and till then people enjoy the Sindh province’s Mango ‘Sindhri’. Sindh and southern Punjab is famous for having delicious Mangoes of the world. Then there is another type which is small in size and not served in slices; ‘Anwar Rathod’. We eat this ‘Anwar Rathod’ by pressing it first and making the inside pulp soft, then make a little opening at the top and squeeze it. A wonderful juicy pulp goes to your mouth and make yourself a heavenly fruit experience.

So whether you eat it by cutting in slice or drink it by squeezing it, it has a wonderful experience and truly it is a ‘King of all Fruits’ so have it before the season’s end.

8 thoughts on “Last Mangoes Of The Season

  1. How self fish you are…. can’t you mention you also had One of the world best Quality Mango treat from USB… United State of Bahawalpur 🙁

    1. Oh yeah buddy, that was great. Having a full Aam ke peti is wonderful, eat how much you can. I’ve mentioned that southern side of Punjab and Sindh are famous for Mangoes, and yes world’s best quality Mangoes

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