Lasani Biryani At Mini Market Gulberg Lahore

M.M.Alam Road in Lahore is considered as modern food street where one can find different restaurants in a row with many fast food burger chains as well. If one move towards Hussain chowk from M.M.Alam road then one will also find different Cafe’ after Hussain chowk.

On the other hand if one moves toward the other end of M.M.Alam road which is known as Gulberg mini market then one will find different traditional random food stuff over there. Out of these random eat out places, some have become overcrowded at meal time. Mostly there are burgers and sandwiches shop. Among these burgers shop there is one who also serve Biryani and seem pretty much famous among particular tribe.

This Lasani biryani is at Gulberg mini market, near to Cafe’ Zouk and it is full at lunch time. When you are wandering in Gulberg and hungry for a rice dish which won’t cost you much, than Lasani Biryani is a good tummy filling option. There taste is good and price is less, that’s why it is full with customers. Let me know that how you find Lasani biryani at Gulberg mini market if someone visited there earlier.

79 thoughts on “Lasani Biryani At Mini Market Gulberg Lahore

  1. Having a good experience when I attended a function arranged at Nadeem.s restaurant, ordered for 2 DEGHs, one mutton QORMA and one

    ZARDA for an occasion at residence 97 Model Town, Lahore on 15th July at 2000 hours.

    But this time it has been a bitter experience which put me in an embarrassing situation. Guests looked at me with curiosity and questions in their mind.

    Quality of food as well as taste was less than ordinary cooking and that too was not fresh. Perhaps it was left over of previous day or so

    which was frozen and after heating, was sent to us. Cooking of ZARDA was sub standard, just boiled rice and sugar was added. Garnishing

    on ZARDA was of lower quality, CHUM CHUM tasted like of a roadside vendor.

    Have lost faith in TAYAR degh, it may be from anywhere, even big name like Gourmet. It should be brought in the notice of general public

    through media and at other forum.

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