Khada Gosht

It was a freezing morning at Quetta, when my roommate woke me up to order for a dinner party. It astonished me just the way you are astonished. However, due to my curiosity and “weakness for good food” I have to leave the warm n cozy bed for this dinner order. This place (almost 10-15 km east of Quetta Airport) has the expertise in a specific kind of food known as “khada gosht”, because the way it is prepared.

They took a complete slaughtered goat, with just skin removed and stomach all cleaned up. This empty stomach is then filled with rice and again stitched. this is then hanged in a ditch almost 5 feet in depth and big enough to hang a goat. This ditch is then covered by steel sheet, sealed from allside by cement and on top hot coals. The dinner(lolz) stays in there for a complete day, cooked so slowly and uses its own fat as it melts. At evening it is cooked so fine even to each fiber. and tastes amazing with a chilled cold drink.

Enjoy !!!

One thought on “Khada Gosht

  1. Hey, I have had an experience of tasting Khadda Gosht. It is also known as Khadda Kabab.
    I am also writing a blog post on Khada kabab along with the photography for Expedition Balochistan 🙂

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