Joy Land In Fortress Stadium


There are few places in Lahore having kids ride, so they are mostly full with crowd. Joy Land in fortress Stadium is one place which has latest rides of Lahore, however they can’t compare internationally, but at city level. It is a family place and you can’t go in there if you are single male. College students find any family to request to take them in, sometimes they succeed. My friends have gone through this experience but I don’t get a chance to go with my friends only.

As you enter in the Joy Land, where everyone smiles, some frightened with their last ride experience. Mostly parents watching their kids enjoying slow rides. But it is not all about kids and after looking to their new add ons, one can easily asses that now they are targeting adults. Recently they have added two new exciting rides, one with the name of ‘Discovery’ which came earlier and just a few months ago ‘Top Spin’; both are for adults.

Discovery Ride

discovery-fun-rideIt is the most fascinating ride if someone is standing outside and watching the people shouting in it. In this ride, one has to sit on open chairs which spins in both direction right to left and all the way up and down in circular motion. When ride stand still at Up position, leaving everyone upside down, several accessories from the pockets of riders fell down. Mostly girls shouting at that time, it is not that much adventurous but still not a bad ride, gives you a chance to enjoy. It seems to be the most adventurous ride in all Joy Land. But one who tries it will easily notice that ‘Free Fall’ ride (In which a boggy moves to and fro in semi oval railing) is far more adventurous then ‘Discovery’. But still if someone is watching the both rides, he’ll give the ‘Discovery’ more credit then ‘Free Fall’

Top Spin

top-spin-fun-rideIt is a new addition in Joy Land which is only for people above age of 17. It shape doesn’t seems to be that adventurous and tough that only adults are allowed on this ride. Well lets check it out, how come I not experience any adventurous ride available to me. I bought a ticket, sit on the ride, it seems so easy, I think I’m not going to enjoy it. Well there is lot of security measure before it start, like checking my belt and that solid rod on the shoulder. Yes, everything is fine, let’s start it.

As they start the ride my every expectation changes just on the first spin of the ride. It just keep on spinning upside down and it seems that your face is going to smash the ground. This feeling of smashing ground while spinning keeps you excited. You spin in both ways, front to back and back to front. Both ways you feel the same excitement and it goes on and on until the ride stops. Wow! What a experience, that’s my best ride till now, and yes it is the most adventurous ride in Fortress Stadium’s Joy Land.

One can’t explain any fun ride adventure in words so you must go and take the ride by yourself to get the full experience of it.

Joy Ride Ranking

If I rank the joy rides in Joy Land of Fortress Stadium then I’ll give the rank as below:

  1. Top Spin
  2. Free Fall
  3. Discovery
  4. Pirate’s Boat
  5. Ship or Jet (I forgot the name, which moves like ‘Discovery’ but in a closed cabin which is of a shape of ship or jet)

Joy Rides Rates:

Every ride there is of Rs. 20/- except some of the new rides and adults ride which are of Rs. 30/-. However if one is determined to take all the rides then he can also use the wrist coupon of Rs. 120/- I think. In this wrist coupon one can take any ride for as much times as one wishes.

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