Jhal Chakian Ki Mashoor Daal

Another unique place to dine is “Jhal Chakian Ki Mashoor Daal“. This place Jhal Chakian is 15 – 20 km from Sargodha. The legumes (daal) prepared here is really very delicious, cooked in Desi Ghee. Interesting thing over here is the rate list. It is Rs.40 (approx 50 US cents) per head. Hospitality is another thing you enjoy over there, waiters are always roaming around you, and as soon as your plate is about to finish, they will refill it even 100 times, in same Rs 40. If any of your friend passes by and want to join you, he can, and eat as much as he wants in Rs 20 extra only.

Branch of this restaurant is also available at Sargodha (noori gate). Co-ordinates :N 32 05 00, E 72 39 42

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