Ice Gola Spot At Allah Ho Chowk

Guest Post By: Usman-bin-Khalid

Ice Gola is the famous item especially in summer. It is also known as Gola Ganda in Karachi. Ice Gola mostly sale in “tehla” and one of the favorite dish of children. Some shops sale this item in decent manners with decorative shops which also shown in pictures. Well my very close buddy Shahrukh  when ever meet we often go to outside for eat and drink. Last week it was cold winter we were going on road. Shahrukh said to me, “I want to eat Ice Gola”. I replied that I don’t like it, especially in winter. Well this is located at ALLAH HO square Johar Town. There are  many delicious flavor but I don’t remember what he selected. We purchased one Ice Gola at the price of 40 pkr. Well at the end Shaurkh opinion the “tehla man” has more taste rather then this decent shop for Ice Gola. Well I also tasted in the end but I am satisfied. May be we haven’t enjoyed that like we do in summer. There are so many tastes if you take it in hot summer you will be enjoyed.

8 thoughts on “Ice Gola Spot At Allah Ho Chowk

  1. Absolutly its a very tasty… in karachi we call it gola ganda & here majority people love 2 eat it in summer.. girls n guys if donot try it still… u should try it soon i belive u will enjoy! 🙂

  2. “THE GOLA” its really dilicious,allah hoo chowk par jo gola hai wo mere mamu ka hai,r hamara islamabad men hai, at monal restaurent,wahan ka b gola try karain,thanxx!!!! and usman bin khalid!!!! thanxx dude for documing it,its reallly a big achievment for us…..
    thanxxx again dude!!!!!!

  3. i am saad’s brother. and i prefer u to just taste it once.i’ll bet thet u’ll like it. thats my mamu’s shop which is located at ALLAHU round about.n please visit at islamabad(pir sohawa)monal resturent.

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