How To Reduce Your Weight

Fatness is the critical issue prevails every where. Countless ways like machines medicines liposuction, clinics are earning money through giving ways to reduce weight. These all are fancy treatment and very pricey. People which belong to middle-class cant able to accept this treatment in current scenario where people are busy to manage their routine expenditures. So most of the people are relying on walk jogging but these all efforts need consistency. Now we are giving out a very simple and low cost desi recipe which effectively helps to reduce your weight.

  • 400 ml water “semi hot “
  • Honey “two tea spoon”
  • 2 Juicy Lemon

Combine these all and stir well in glass and drink it before eating any thing in morning. Then do breakfast at least after an hour. I am also using this easy treatment due to fatness and feeling effect on my body. If you go for jogging or walk in morning so drink it before go there that would be double effective. This desi recipe has also o many benefits beyond dropping weight which will be covered some other time. I’m trying it nowadays, you try it too and let me know your feedback…

4 thoughts on “How To Reduce Your Weight

  1. Thanks for sharing this unique and new ‘desi totka’ however does not honey play a hand in hand role in development of fat as centuries old fact is any type of suger turns to fat eventually?

    However i am not over weight but i find this recipe good for a morning drink.. or maybe to stay fit..

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