Homemade Pastries And Cakes

Hyperstar Fifa World Cup Offer:

Yesterday I was in Hyperstar doing shopping with my family. Oh, they have a special football world cup offer these days. You have a chance to win LCD. If you shop for more than Rs. 2000/- then you got a chance to be a part of lucky draw. You have to choose a team which you think will win the fifa football world cup 2010. Write that team name behind your shopping receipt, your phone number, home address and put it in the box of team you choose. There were eight boxes there yesterday, now there would be six as two teams get out of tournament in yesterday’s quarter final. It would also come to easy choices and less options. I choose Argentina and when I go to put my receipt in Argentina box, I noticed, it is the one has maximum submissions.


Malaika's Homemade cakesAt leaving Hyperstar I always go for a chocolate brownie by Bon Cuisine which is at ground floor before the exit door. When I go yesterday to have my favorite chocolate brownie, it wasn’t there. Oh no! how come people move that soon, I love there chocolate and I want to have it. Well I move back sadly towards the exit gate and I saw a stall over there with chocolate pastries and brownies in it. My eyes got shine and I said to them, so you moved over here. They told me that it is not Bon Cuisine, it is a homemade stuff by Malaika.

Then I look at the stall and found there name ‘Malaika’s’ written on it. So they have three running pastries item on shelf, though they have much stuff in fridge too. I have my eyes on dark chocolate pastry so I forgot about the other two, I took that dark chocolate pastry which costs me Rs. 65/- They have lemon tarts, double chocolate mousse, some caramel pastry (my next try), brownies etc. in their fridge. According to them that all stuff is homemade and what I have, a dark chocolate pastry, was fantastic. I had just done lunch and had a chocolate chip biscuit too, which I got from Hyperstar’s bakery side. So I don’t have anything for sweet too but how can I resist a dark chocolate pastry. Even after that much stuff in my tummy, I just loved my first bite. And I come to the stage where I love to have another bite but my tummy didn’t allow me. My eyes and tastes buds were still hungry  for that delicious chocolate but not my tummy. Sadly I have to give my last two bites to someone else.

While standing at the stall I luckily found that lady who bake all this stuff. She was standing by her stall and guide me that this all stuff is baked by her and she do birthday parties, family get together parties and any kind of party which included cakes or pastries. You can order us for parties, give them photos and we will make it on cake. They have other things like lemon tarts, chocolate chip biscuits, Lasagna & Pastas, strawberry / blueberry cheesecakes etc. in their list too. So order any thing at their phone numbers which are 0334-hommade / 0334-4666233. To have a test try, you can visit their only outlet at Hyperstar’s ground floor, location 4 which comes near to exit door.

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  1. I visited the Malaika’s Stall at hyperstar after reading the post and to my surprise this small bakery has a lot of variety, dark choclate, coffee caremel crunch and dairy milk cake. I ordered a lemon tart which i love the most, a dark choclate cake slice and coffee caremel crunch slice. Wow! it was simply out of this world. The Quality was superb and my taste budds let me ate all i could. I met the lady who claimed that she was the baker and she bakes all the items in the morning. I ordered a customized six pound dark choclate with strawberry layering cake in the shape of Letter “f” which costed my at around Rs.
    500/- per pound for my upcoming niece birthday party( The lady baker told me that if i wanted an unshaped & simple cake then it would be Rs. 325/- pound). After two days i went to pick up the ordered cake and and to my surprise the finishing of the cake was excellent. I was not expecting that spectacular finish. Went straight to the birthday party and believe you me everyone became Fan of the cake. I thank Malaika’s for making my day. Speaking truly, their stuff is far better than renowned bakeries in Lahore.

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