Hi Tea At Royal Palm

Royal Palm is said to built a hotel in Lahore which was said to be 7-star by many people. I searched the internet and found that there are only three 7-star hotels in the world.

  1. The Town House Galleria in Milan – Italy.
  2. Burj-al-Arab in Dubai – UAE
  3. Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi – UAE

What about our Royal Palm then, well I didn’t get any authentic source news. Last Saturday I was there for an event with the name of ‘Launchpad’ organized by P@sha. I got a chance to visit the hotel which isn’t built yet and it seems that they don’t have any plan to build a hotel. It is like a sports complex and party halls type of place at the moment. It has lawn tennis courts, swimming pool, gym etc. with most prominent of all, a beautiful golf ground. Other then its sports part, banquet halls are not up to mark to give Royal Palm some extra stars or make it better from PC Hotel in Lahore.

‘Launchpad’ was organized in dome room which has enough space for around 250 people. ‘Launchpad’ was about new business ideas or products. There were 110 applications in which only 20 ideas / products were short listed to present that day (26-Jun-2010). Our idea was one of them. Me with my younger bro and best buddy give the idea of ‘Find Numbers’ in which you can find the number of your old buddy. Check out the website to explore it more. There were two prizes, one for the best idea and one for best product which goes to Hozaa and Face-x respectively.

Hi tea at Royal PalmProgram timings were 2pm to 6pm but we waited till 6:30pm for hi tea. In hi tea there were following food to eat which was so fresh that you can’t stop eating it.

  • Four different kinds of biscuits
  • Chicken patties
  • Crispy vegetable rolls
  • White sandwich with sandwich spread
  • Brown sandwich with cheese
  • Tea
  • Coffee

    Two things I loved about Royal Palm, one their golf ground (view is fantastic) and secondly, the freshness of food. Food was so fresh and crispy that it seems to baked instantly and coming from oven directly.

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    1. sir i wants to know about a function music dance with buffet nd full of privacy. i just wants to know how many charges may apply for at least 10 to 15 peoples????

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