Gourmet Introduced New Pastries

Gourmet New Pastries

Every time for a better pastry experience I need to travel somewhere else like M.M.Alam Road or other cafes in Lahore. Bakery nearby just go with the traditional pastries which are seem to be boring now but still people eat it. Might be they don’t have any other option or like me avoid of traveling in Lahore because moving out here in Lahore is an issue, for me at least. ¬†How good it could be if bakery nearby start to deliver a tasty pastry or hot running chocolate pastries which are only available in cafes.

In Lahore we have a situation of ‘bakeries and bakeries are very rare but Gourmet bakery is everywhere’. I didn’t see other bakeries around or there are very less in number that Gourmet overcome them all. Due to so much volume they don’t go for much variety but I’ve seen them introducing new products nowadays.

This time they have introduced new pastry line (below four pastries in above picture) which cost Rs. 22/- but tastes so good. I’ve seen four type of pastries at the time in which two are chocolate, one is dry and one is coffee. They all have soft sponge and good amount of chocolate fill up your mouth with chocolate and leaves only a urge to have another. I can’t avoid it and whenever I go to Gourmet I try to have from those pastries. My favorite among those all is the black one at left corner, I try to have that one. Taste them and let me know your favorite…

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