Gourmet Bakery’s New Cake

Gourmet Black Chocolate CakeI’m fed up with typical pineapple and black forest cakes available on typical bakeries. For special one, you have to drive a bit more to reach Kitchen Cuisine, Caps Cafe or other cool bakeries with unique ideas. What I found most in all cakes is chocolate flavor which should easily available at every place. At last Gourmet give their chocolate fudge cake which has awesome flavor but still have less chocolate in it. Finally they have came up with all new ‘Black Chocolate Cake’ with only in one size of 3 pounds. It’s size is like a two pound cake has but it weighs three pounds full of chocolate. Chocolate in this cake is so yummy that you can’t stop to keep eating it but it is so heavy that you can’t eat more than two pieces in a single time.

Now I can have this good chocolate flavor cake from everyplace in Lahore as there are so many branches of Gourmet in Lahore. Try it and let me know what you think about it. Price of Cake: Rs. 400/-

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