Fresh Mango Juice At Hyperstar

Fresh Mango JuiceI can’t forget the mango juice I tasted couple of days ago at Hyperstar shopping mall in Fortress Stadium. I’ve been trying other artificial flavored juices these days and trying to find any juice which is thick enough to give the real taste of pulp. I’ve written earlier about plastic bottle juices and choose my favorite as the most thick one. But here while roaming in Hyperstar I was looking for a cola drink or any bottle juice and in a way I found a stall written Fresh Juices. I go there to have a look that what kind of juices they have, earlier they had cocktail and other fruit juices but at the moment they only have apple and mango juice. I get to know that they are fresh juices and have expiry of 1 day only. So it depends on the fruits available in certain season.

Mango fresh juice at Hyperstar was so thick that I forget any kind of plastic bottle juices and just lost in the mango juice. Well there is limited time for mangoes as season is going out so rush out if you are a mango lover because that juice is going to take you off the ground. Secondly it’s price is so less as compare to other mango fresh juices in cafes. This bottle in the photo is of Rs. 60/- only. It has written 1 kg on it but I believe that it is not 1 kg but it could be from 1 kg mangoes.

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