Foggy Morning

Guest post by Amna Bushra

bench in fog

Once, as usual i entered my college early morning.For the very first time i went to college that early just because of my young brother who wanted to reach college satti saweray (early morning)because he don’t like to face head boys of our college directly on main gate, he scares that they might capture him for some reason.Anyways, as i was walking through a long distant path from main gate to classes, that incipient gleam of dawn and foggy scene took my attention.For once i froze there and started to stare. Then i wonder what if i capture that picture and post it on “Eat ‘n Travel” haha 🙂

Well, then i took my cell phone out of my bag which is probably not allowed in college (but a phone without a camera is !!).As i was about to take a photo, there came a teacher in a parking lot to park his motor bike beside that path.Head boys were also standing there, staring at me and wondering that why i am standing in the middle of a path.To divert their curiosity i took out my book to pretend that i am reading it and started to move.I hid my cell in my book and look around to make sure that nobody is spying on me.After that, i finally took that picture and moved on happily.. 🙂

So, that was a little and funny story of my intensity to capture that pic, as who knows tomorrow morning will might be that foggy or not. Don’t put things on tomorrow, just do it whenever you get a chance, like i did 😉

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