Farooq Caterers At ALLAH HO Chowk


I was out with my friend in Johar town and we both were hungry. So we start searching for a restaurant with a tasty food or tasty biryani specially. We need it immediately so we don’t go for any restaurant which is 15 minutes away. While passing through ALLAH HO Chowk we saw a catering service restaurant at the corner. They have a barbecue setup outside the restaurant and seems to be traditional one with tasty food. We ask them for a biryani and they confirmed the availability so we instantly get inside to try it out.

Food over there was average, not so good, not so bad. Food was full of oil but we were hungry so that biryani plate serve enough to fill our tummies. Biryani plate was served with piece of chicken, raita and Palak to put on biryani. Service and cleanliness was too average which makes it not a bad place when you are hungry.

They have sitting arrangements of family restaurants but the ambiance says that it is not suitable for a easy, relax food with family. Their washroom was a bad experience, they were dirty and put this restaurant in not-to-go-again list of mine.

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