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drinks-in-fridgeI think Red Bull was the first successful energy drink in the market. But afterward companies realize that it is a very big market of those people who like energy drinks. So other companies also jumped in to share their part. Recently we have seen many companies in Pakistan, like Pepsi and Shezan, who have jumped in energy drinks business. One thing is common in all energy drinks that they are costly then other drinks; juices, malt, carbohydrate drinks etc. They have a special market which is increasing day by day. I haven’t seen a shift of people from their regular drink to energy drink but it acts as an add on in drink list. However some people prefer to go for energy drinks only.

After lots of energy drinks in market, all are trying to compete each other in any way possible. They are trying to give a better taste because taste is the most prominent change in these energy drinks. Taste is not acceptable in mass market, however many are trying now to increase their market share by giving a different taste. Second thing is their price, they are trying to reduce the price to gather a larger share like a big company Pepsi have introduced their energy drink ‘Sting’ in just Rs. 60/- as compare to Red Bull the most famous energy drink costs above Rs. 100/- Thirdly they are working on distribution, trying to make their drinks available in all parts of the city, in every shop. Few energy drinks have different strategy to remain with their specific market.

I’m sharing my experience with almost all the energy drinks available in market.

Red Bull

red-bull-energy-drinkThe most famous energy drink in the market. It was the first one to introduce energy drinks in Pakistani market. Red Bull kept it’s price high and remain with their specific market they target. Their price is Rs. 125/- which makes it the most expensive energy drink in the market. I

t is mostly available in posh areas of the city in start. Afterward there is a big change that they seek through an other interesting market and start to supply their bottles to Pan wala shops which was not bad at all. People over there start trying it and I think that idea didn’t catch by mass market because it’s hard to see Red Bull at Pan wali dukan anymore. They have shifted to Pepsi’s ‘Sting’.

I don’t like their taste much because it seems to me that I’m drinking any cough syrup. Though who are fan of Red Bull taunt to all other available energy drinks in market that they have sweeter taste.


Booster-energy-drinkBooster is a German energy drink brand. It attracts one from the start as one looks to its packing. Like all other energy drinks available in long think tin packs, this is available in small, fat plastic bottle. Its packing is different from all energy drinks in the market so it appeals you at the first place.

Second important thing is its price, it is one of the cheapest energy drink in market after Ozo. But this is an imported drink which is based in Germany so people would likely to trust the quality of drink. It is of Rs. 50/- but if one buy it from super stores or whole sale market then one might also get it at the price of Rs. 45/- I’ve seen this rates in Hyperstar.

Third interesting thing about Booster is its awesome taste. This was the first energy drinks which makes a good impression of whole industry in my mind. Earlier I’ve tried Red Bull only and I thought that all energy drinks would be like cough syrup. It’s unique bottle design calls me to try it for once and then I become a regular customer of it for as long as Pepsico’s Sting jumped in. I’ve also compared Booster with Red Bull in my view.


There are two kind of energy drinks in the market. One is the red family and other is the yellow family. Red family has its own taste and there are very few in this, for instance only ‘Red Bull’ and red ‘Sting’. All other energy drinks in market are from yellow family which has almost a same taste with little variations. Variations are like less sweet or more. Yellow ‘Sting’, ‘Booster’, ‘Power Full’, etc. all came in yellow family.

Ozo can be also count in yellow family but it has a little different taste. Most important thing about this energy drink is that is is available in few stores only, they have low distribution cycle which makes it hard to find. It is also in different bottle rather than typical energy drinks thin and large tins. This is available in green glass small size bottle with a plastic cap.

Taste of this drink is acceptable but I haven’t tried it more because of its availability. Many times I’ve thought to drink this but I didn’t find it in any store. This is the cheapest energy drink in the market till now which costs Rs. 45/- in retail market. If they work on the availability of this drink then it could become beneficial for the company.

Power Full

power-full-energy-drinkPower Full is also a new energy drink in market. I guess they all have started this year except few like Red Bull, Booster and Ozo which were available last year too. Red Bull would be the oldest one but new energy drinks are taking their share and at one side they are reducing the share of Red Bull but at the other side they are creating a larger market for energy drink users.

Power Full promote their energy drink through road hoardings and I thought to give it a try. It’s bottle didn’t attract me a lot but its red color on tin indicates me that it would be something like Red Bull. After opening the can I came to know that it is from the yellow family and after taking a sip I came to know that its taste is like Booster. However it is less sweeter than Booster and people might like to have this instead of Booster. But it’s price is Rs. 80/- and for me sweet is good. I would prefer Booster on Power Full.

Though some people like Power Full experience and it kept them awake for whole night. If it serves the meaning of energy drinks then it could remain in the market otherwise I don’t see its space after lot of others with better efficiency and taste.


speed-energy-drinkAfter seeing lot of potential in energy drinks market, Shezan also introduced its energy drink with the name of Speed. Their packing is cool and I was looking for something different. Plus their price was like of Red Bull, I bought it for Rs. 120/- whereas new energy drinks have tried to beat the prices. Speed has kept its price above which might attracts people about its quality and uniqueness.

Well I tried it and found it out the typical yellow flavor energy drink like others mentioned above. Neither the taste is new nor the low prices. It would be only one time try and then shift to other international brand like Booster which is giving same quality but in less rates, less than Speed’s half price. Though one person share his experience with Speed that he remain fresh whole night after having this drink.


sting-energy-drinkRecently Pepsi introduced their energy drink in Pakistan with the name of Sting. They must have came in the market after lot of research. They checked the loop holes in energy drinks market and try to fix it from the product. Earlier energy drinks was considered as a sour drink which people take to energize themselves and to wake up late at night. Sting has add better taste in it. They have made it full of flavor with ingredients of energy drinks as well. People in large loves it taste and most of them have started drinking energy drinks after the arrival of Sting; count me in too.

They have introduced two flavors in energy drinks which I believe compete all energy drinks available in market. For competing Red Bull they have introduced their red berry flavor in red can. Taste is awesome and that is my favorite flavor energy drink. For all others who used yellow color and have their own specific taste, Sting yellow is exactly the same, might be little better in flavor.

Most important about Sting to catch the mass market is its rates. They are one of the cheapest energy drink in the market except a few like Booster and Ozo. Sting can is of Rs. 60/- If a less price energy drink came in market, people would think about its quality and might not go for it. But when a big company like Pepsico came up with energy drink, whether its price low, people won’t question about its quality.

Other Energy Drinks

After these famous energy drinks in Pakistan which I mentioned above there are many others. Above drinks are available at most of the stores but some drinks are available only in few stores. Even I’ve seen few only in one store, I don’t know where they distribute their drinks. In this we have Shark energy drink, Power Horse energy drink etc. these are mostly from the yellow family. I guess it would be easy to make a drink of yellow family that’s why everyone came up with this.

If you are a energy drink user then let me know your favorite and tell why…

40 thoughts on “Energy Drinks In Market

  1. Such an intensive review of each drink i am impressed ๐Ÿ™‚

    However i am not a fan of energy drinks at all.. i read about energy drinks in an article when i was a child that they pose impotency risks for males :S and other health hazards aswell.. So its better being safe than sorry.

    What works for me on a rough hot day is a nice glass of cold ‘Jam-e-Sheeren’ with a few drops of Lemon.. absolutely refreshing,and maybe natural as stated on the label ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you Hashan. I love to have these sharbat like ‘roh-afza’, ‘sharbat-e-bazoori’, ‘sharbat-e-sandal’ etc. and I’m having these a lot this summer.

  2. nabeel what a review how could i do like it ๐Ÿ™‚ well red bull is leader in engergy dirnk in all over the world. it was started from Austria. red bull history is quite intresting how it become an giant brand. i am really impressed with red butt histor but i dont like its taste. in the end boycott the speed energy drink which has double harm effect nabo hope u got my point ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Firstly research revealed that there are some ingredients of all energy drinks that effect the brain. Secondly it belongs to Shezan Company which belongs to Qadiani group, simply we should boycott their all products

    1. Energy drinks has got a share in market but there is a specific market for energy drink users. Recently Sting has given their small packing of Sting, they are trying to penetrate that market. I believe there is always a room for good product, it depends on Nestle that how they launch it.

  4. i appreciate your work hard on providind useful information,
    and i want to get information about energy drink STING REGULAR IN BOTLLE which is available in just RS 20. i want to have distribution of it in a district. This regular bottle is avialable in karachi market not in punjab.

    if someonrte has ino regarding that, please inform me on my e mail address.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  5. hi i m regular user red bull.their is a great taste.when i was drinking red bull i feel in my body powerful enrgy entered.but i advice the company if the company decrease the rate not more rs.100 i think it will increase the sale

    1. Helo i m shakeel if u want purchase the Energy Drink in best rate cheaper than Red Bull u must get the SPEED ENERGY DRINK which is available in Gourmet and Doce Bakers Alfatah Stores, and Airport etc.
      For further query Plz contact at

  6. hi i m regular user red bull.their is a great taste.when i was drinking red bull i feel in my body powerful enrgy entered.but i advice the company if the company decrease the rate not more rs.100 i think it will increase the sale and the rate of redbull is not same every shop.and i recommend company tagged the price in teen.thankx

  7. Speed Energy Drink imported from Holland and its good in taste i like that,alternate of red bull and little bit less than Red Bull

  8. Energy drinks mostly contain caffiene which is a stimulant of brain. it can raise ur blood pressure and is an unhealthy artificial and temporary energy. FDA of US has reported illness and deaths due to some energy drinks. its money minting business.

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  11. Hi , kindly confirm the rate of redbul or speed or epc prices in pakistan at the moment

    I am in north america and i wana to promote new brand energy drink in pakistan
    Plz confirm thankn

  12. Pakistan has a particular incentive to clip the industryโ€™s wings, Mengal said. A 2017 study showed energy drinks also increase blood pressure five times more than an equivalent amount of caffeine drunk in coffee, and Pakistan has one of the highest rates of heart disease worldwide.

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