Domino’s Pizza, Now In Lahore

dominos-pizza-lahoreGood news for Pizza lovers, delivery experts are now in Lahore. People were missing Domino’s Pizza here in Lahore. It is already world wide famous Pizza brand so I don’t need to praise about it, however I would share my personal experience as soon I go to one of their branch. Right now they have started with two branches, one at Model Town link road and other in DHA Y-block. I haven’t seen any of them but read about it in road hoarding.

I can’t write any more about it because I’m too hungry right now and its website is tempting me to have one. Their phone no. is 111-366-466, check out their website for list of Pizzas and details.

21 thoughts on “Domino’s Pizza, Now In Lahore

  1. 50 years back, Tom Monaghan, 23 years old boy with no formal education opened a small outlet in Michigan State University to sell pizza. He sold it for $99 in first week. Then he came up with unique selling point (USP) of delivering the pizza in less than 30 minutes.

    Now the same pizza is being sold in 7 continents at more than 4000 outlets worldwide. Its incredible story of creating differentiation.

    Its great news to have Dominos pizza here in Lahore. Please do let me know if I can add any value in its sales and marketing. I have wonderful ideas about marketing an outlet.

    Warm regards
    Ashraf Chaudhry
    Pakistan’s 1st Sales Trainer
    Author of international best-seller The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF”
    Cell: 0321 9274 723

  2. Great to see Dominos in Lahore…been waiting for this, they have their own unique taste. It must be noted that Dominos is usually delivery only in most parts of the world so theres no point complaining about few tables…because they normally have no tables.

  3. i am rieader in domino`s…….and dominos all team do the good work but some other problam and isscus main problam………….

    delivery 80 present standrad in all of the world………

    every presen about he`s know……..

    k hum 80% delivery pa kam kar rhain hain…….
    es liya tabels dining thore hy……

    or wasy bhe defance branch ma bhot daning woh es liya kam say kam custamer ko shakiat ka moka mily…..agar delivey mongya gayin to nabel sahib wohap ko with in half hour ma mil jay ge………


    see ya next time

  4. @ s ‘ k: I just want to confirm kia yahan pe bhi wohi rule hai ke ‘Agar delivery 30 minutes mein nahi to Pizza muft’

    aur agar yeh rule hai to kis kis area mein hai kuinke koi Mughalpura se order kar de to 30 minutes mein to wahan phuncha nahi ja sakta Model Town ya Defense se

  5. well domino’s is world’s biggest delievry chain.there focus is on just deilevery.they are sipmly best.i use to work as a duty manager in domino’s london.they are great as simple it that

  6. after a date of 7th feb i am inform all people about domino`s realy and truly story outside and inside about worker,mander`s,AM.RM.and product`s kindle wait my on 7th feb ok my no 03074639202………. iam past rider in domino`s…………..


  7. Tried the mm alam rad branch. binaryzero is right. self service problem and then the lack of utensils really makes a has its own unique taste which i don know will develope after how many turns… bu tell you what . cut it short.PIZZA HUT ROCKS 😛

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