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  1. Nabeel, write something more about this valley, it seems nice place to visit.

    and I like your efforts, color theme is pretty soothing.

    I will check again. Takecare.

    1. Sure buddy, I haven’t been there yet, these photos are from Mr. Adeel. I’ve heard lot about its beauty, I must go there and share my experience


    Islamabad .The book by Malik M. Sarwar Awan titled {Soan Saker} based on geography, history, culture, traditions and civilization of the Soan Valley was launched at Lok Virsa here on Monday.
    Respectfully known as {Baba Sahib} among people of his area, Malik Sarwar carried the history and heritage of the region with him, which he has preserved in the book for the future generations. Jointly published by the Lok Virsa and Al-Faisal Nashran, Lahore, the launching of the book is a part and parcel of Lok Viersa’s 30-year old package to preserve and promote folk and regional literature. So far, about ten books have been published by the Lok Virsa, carrying the rich cultural heritage of some of the remotest parts of Northern Areas and Punjab.
    President Awananan-e- Pakistan Malik Muhammad Bashir Awan was the chief guest on the occasion. He said the Soan Sakaser Valley has a rich civilization that has also produced great names in literature. The valley has retained its cultural identity even after the passage of time.
    Short Story writer, Mahzarul Islam said, Soan Sakser is a valley of courtageous people and a great number of literary people belong to this land. He also lauded the author for donating his personal museum based on Valley’s heritage items to the National Ethological Museum being built at the Lok Virsa.
    Chairman Idara-Tehqiqul Awan Malik Mohabat Hussain Awan said one could not claim love for his country unless he proves affection with his native town or city. He appreciated Malik Sarwar Awan’s efforts for expressing his love for his native land by writing a book on its culture and civilization.
    Abdul Ghaffar Aamir, a journalist, regarded the book as an authentic reference as far as the information about the civilization of Soan Sakser is concerned. He said it truly reflects the valley’s glowing civilization.
    Professor Najeeba Arif said the people of this beautiful valley love their traditions that are clearly reflected in the book written by Malik Sarwar Awan.
    Safdar Shahid paid tributes to the author in form of poetry, while Professor Saeed Hamdani also spoke on the occasion.

    (A report from Newspaper sent by Mr.Rizwan Yousuf yousuf_gabriel21@yahoo.com )


    Dear Awan brothers!
    If you want to know the history of Talagang, kindly contact the following persons:-

    Malik Akram Zia Talagang
    03035631255 and 0543-410702
    Malik Ghulam Hussain Principal Govt College Talagang
    Malik Zaman Awan of Dhrmond
    Abdrur Rehman Shad of Talagang
    Mr. Saeed Akhtar Talagang
    Mr. Asif Hanif Talagang
    Dr. Iltaf Sheikh Talagang
    Malik Nisar Ahmad Ghatla Talagang
    Malik Mian Mohammad Talagang
    Malik Mohammad Riaz Kot Sarang Talagang
    Zohair Husnain Alvi Talagang

    ( Information from Mr. Shaukat M.Awan shaukatawan1953@yahoo.com)

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