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While ‘Domino’s Pizza’ was out of Pakistan, many people try to do the business through their name. They name their Pizza shop like ‘Domeno Hut’, ‘Domeno Pizza’, ‘Domino Hub’ etc. with a prominent ‘Domino’ word in it. They try to miss-spell the original word ‘Domino’s’ with ‘e’ or ‘u’ or whatever they like. Afterward they send their sales person house to house to sell the membership card. If you buy that membership card, you’ll be able to avail the offer ‘Buy One Get One Free’. Many people get fooled with their name and others found the ‘Buy One Get One Free’ offer attractive. I get caught in both and bought their membership card for Rs. 200/-. Now when you have bought a card, you would order them, at least for once. I get caught by ‘Domeno Hut’ in which it is hard to find the word ‘Hut’ in it and they put dot of ‘i’ on ‘e’ which is strange but necessary to make it look like ‘Domino’s Pizza’.


Domeno-hut-leafletI get to know first time that they are not the original one so my expectations didn’t go that high. Secondly their Pizza isn’t bad at all if we compare it with the price of the Pizza. They are giving free home delivery service and you don’t have any option to dine in at their selling point. Here in Pakistan people love to go out and have a food in a restaurant, however western culture of busyness is also developing here which don’t let people go out everyday and more delivery shops run this way. Pizza is considered as a delivery food mostly; this culture is growing here in Pakistan too. Besides famous Pizza Chains like ‘Pizza Hut’, ‘Domino’s’, others are also concentrating on delivery.

People who disguise others with the name to sell their Pizza do handsome investment to start their business. They should not copy the name of other brands for letting people try their Pizza for once, rather they work on other strategy to bring people to have their Pizza in long term; develop their own brand. If they are working hard, making good Pizza, then of course people will order their Pizza. They are also giving the life time offers like ‘Buy One Get One Free’

Pizza Prices:

Pizza are available in four sizes, note down the prices below and remember that you’ll get two pizzas at price of one.

Small 8″ Pizza is for Rs. 230/-

Medium 10″ Pizza is for Rs. 440/-

Large 13″ Pizza is for Rs. 620/-

Full 16″ Pizza is for Rs. 850/-


Domeno-hut-zinger-burgerThey don’t have much variety of burgers. Only selling ‘Zee Burger’ which they write as ‘Zinger’ Burger on their promotional campaign. I’m afraid why they aren’t afraid of the brand name copyrights in burgers. They are selling burger at Rs. 199/- and you’ll get same offer here ‘Buy One Get One Free’. If you buy one burger of Rs. 199/- you’ll get another free. Other similar brands of burgers who are copying KFC’s zinger burger, are selling the burger at Rs. 100/- to Rs. 130/- which will become equivalent to their double offer. But ‘Domeno Hut’ are getting benefit that one have to buy their deal, which are equal to two burgers.

But please don’t prefer them among other local burgers outlets who are working hard to make their name. Their Pizzas could be considered as not-bad section but their burgers are not good. Quality of bun is not so good and the chicken piece has lot of oil in it.

Chicken Pieces:

They are not selling chicken pieces, though they have mentioned it on their leaflets. They said that they don’t have the setup for the chicken pieces yet but they will soon start it. I was thinking that how come it possible that they can make same chicken piece used in zinger burger but they are not selling it separately. My common sense says that these chicken pieces would be fried in same device.

Delivery Numbers:

If you want to contact them for delivery, then have their phone numbers of both branhes:

Lahore Cantt: 042-36623555, 36675636, 36675620

Address: Shop 1, Commercial Area Askari Flats, Sarfraz Rafiqi Road, Cantt

Gulshan Ravi: 042-37402723, 37402722, 36150421

Address: 8-A, Main Gulshan Ravi Lahore

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