Cola Drinks For Summer

Hot summer is at peak and demands of soft drinks are also increased. In summer people usually prefer to chill soft drinks rather then coffee and tea. Here we will cover about cola drinks. Instantly two giant brands come in the mind when ever we talk about cola drinks we all knew they are Coca cola and Pepsi cola. Well in Lahore market Gourmet has also captured share due to low price. In start Gourmet soft drinks were only available at their outlet but now they are also available in other departmental stores and gourmet soft drinks also covering the other cities of the Punjab.

In my opinion the upper class of the Lahore prefer Pepsi cola or Coca cola and the middle or lower middle class has no hesitation to drink Gourmet cola may be due to the price factor. I also go for Coca cola but if it is not available I don’t mind to take Pepsi cola. I remember in past I liked R.C cola which was very famous had very good taste but no more availability of RC cola in urban areas of Lahore.

There are also other cola like “Mecca” cola “Amrat” cola and others but there availability in urban areas of Lahore is very little. May be these cola have some share in backward areas and other cities of the Punjab as well in Pakistan. In the local brands only the gourmet cola have good taste availability and giving tough time to Pepsi and coke. In the end I would like to say enjoy summer with these cola drinks to reduce some internal heat.

4 thoughts on “Cola Drinks For Summer

  1. I prefer Pepsi in between Coca Cola and Pepsi because of its sweeter taste however most of the people hate Pepsi only because of this.

    I also like to have Gourmet cola sometimes but other drinks are obsolete and hard to found in market

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