Chappal Kabab

Some dishes are considered the traditional symbol. These types of dishes represents their cities like Biryani relates to Karachi, Chirgah is connected with Lahore, Sohan halwa is the dish of Multan , similarly when we think about “chappal Kabab” mind goes to Peshawar or Northern areas.

Kabab is the persian word which is began in Middle East and now found world wide presents in many shapes and names, but two types of kabab are renowned in Pakistan. Seekh kabab, Chappal  kabab.  Here I am covering Chappal kabab.

Chappal kabab is one of the famous dishes in kabab category or barbeques and also economically, I don’t know why it’s called chappal kabab or chapli kabab, it’s start off from Mardan(takthbhai) and Manshera (qalanderabad) regions of N.W.F.P. Well Shape of chapppal kababa is flat and round which usually serve up with “raita, salad, and naan”.

It is mostly made from beef mince and chicken mince. Business of chappal kabab is mostly operating by “Pathans” and when people go northern areas like Muree, Swat, for the journey this dish must be experienced. The shop which is showing in the photo it’s located in near to my home; I also go there when dinner is not available at home or if I want to do dinner in little money. Price of beef and chicken chappal kabab are 15rs,& 20rs. This shop also offer other items which related to chicken like “dil, kalegi, wings, leg piece” so you can also add other items with chappal kabab. The making of chappal kabab is not hygienic vehicles pollution adding taste 😉 so health conscious people feel hesitate. If you still not taste it so please go for it, also share me your experience.

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