Second Best Shawarma Of Lahore

Kim's Shawarma Samnabad LahoreIt is possible that some people state Kim’s Shawarma as number one but in my ranking it comes after Cock ‘n Bull. For those who live in Samnabad, Kim’s Shawarma will be there best choice. One of my relative is very impress with Kim’s Shawarma and says that it is the best one of Lahore, so he always look for a chance to take me there. So one day it happens and he took me to Kim’s Shawarma and give me a Shawarma treat.

There are three sizes of this Kim’s Shawarma; small, medium and large. He suggest to not to go with large one because Continue reading “Second Best Shawarma Of Lahore”

Cock ‘n Bull Shawarma

Cock 'n BullI’ve tried many Shawarma in Lahore but I believe people say it right that most delicious Shawarma among all of them is “Cock ‘n Bull” Shawarma.

First time I’ve gone with my MBA class fellow when he ordered Shawarma platter which was something extraordinary delicious and fill up my empty tummy. Later I visit that place more often and give treat to many people. Beef Cheese platter is my favorite dish over here in which they give you all ingredients of Shawarma seperately. Now you have choice to mix up the ingredients according to your requirement and flavor.  Continue reading “Cock ‘n Bull Shawarma”