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CaloriesDay before yesterday I was passing through Barkat Market and saw a hoarding with mouth watering picture of some chocolate pastry. I start looking for the bakery name which was written on that hoarding and it was ‘Calories’. It was not hard to find, if you look to Barkat Market all round, you’ll find the biggest board of ‘Calories Bakery & Cafe’ there. So I went in to find that pastry I saw on hoarding. I didn’t find that as it was finished but I found many more in there. I tried one chocolate fudge brownie but didn’t like the taste. Others might enjoy it as everyone has it’s own favorites. Well I also took the white chocolate cake which melts right away as you put it in mouth. However I don’t like pineapple in cakes anymore.

The Idea:

Calories started on 27th Ramadan with a new and creative idea. They want to display the Calories chart of each productCalories Cake they are selling. Customer will check out his weight and calories through machine they want to put in shop and then you can have anything according to your required daily calories. If you want to eat more than your assigned daily calories then they will tell you the exercises which will help you out to burn extra calories and eat more. They haven’t displayed the calories chart and put the weight machine there. But it is the idea and they are working on it. First floor is for the cafe which is under construction as well but decided to start soon. Meanwhile one can eat stuff on tables and chairs they placed inside the bakery.

6 thoughts on “Calories Bakery & Cafe – Barkat Market

  1. Hi
    umair is here
    i am not going to leave any informative survey here
    but i want to tell you my opinion about the topic ann want to get you opinion about the topic.the topic is of my project
    the topic is that

    first of all we are not watcing its commercials in tv or bill board on road due to the lake advertising or less publicity it flops

    it was very famous in the market so the pepesi coloa take intrest in itot they try to get its market share and they lunch their own apple brand in tthe market with the sub brand name od MIRINDA APPLE
    and and let the shop keeper resticted to put the big apple in the pepsi ,s chiller an don the other hand the big apple wall not providing the chillers in the market so with the space of time it become rarre in shops

    what did u think????????

  2. Hey dear, Marketing’s very first stage is product and I believe that Big Apple is itself a strong product which attracts lot of consumers. After seeing the success of this Apple flavor drink many competitors jump in and started their own Apple brands in which you mentioned Pepsi and Gourmet Bakers is also included. Apple flavor wasn’t hard to make so many people shift to other brands available at the point.
    Further it is possible that companies like Pepsi have pushed their product to shops and give them incentives to not to display other’s product (some companies play this strategy) but I’m not sure about this case.
    Or second case could be like Big Apple was a Fad and after some time few people go along with Big Apple and others have again shifted to their old flavor and brands.

  3. hi, just to let know, Calroiez is now open in a big multistory building on main Wapda town roundabout. It is a welcome alternate to gourmet for the people living in the area of Johar Town/Wapda town, Valancia and PIA society.

    In it there are some very excellent new items, including freshly made double layer chikcen burger for rs 65, chicken breast rs 115, chicken with vegetable on skewers rs 90, shawarma rs 90 all freshly made everyday. they also have a large selection of breads, whole grain, multi grain, bran bread, eggs, etc. all cheaper than gourmet. Yes not cheaper much, but when you buy for family of 7 people, there is significant savings.

    Also the upper story has a full cafe, well set and private, special deals such as shawarma, burger, chicken piece with pepsi for quite low rates. coffee is excellent here, dont forget to order chocalate mochacinno its outclass. yes i may sound biased, i realize that, but in all seriousness, compared to other shops we have here, esp cafe like lazur, blindx, etc. calories gives you same environment at much cheaper price, and most of all their employees are attentive, fully polite. its my regular stop now.

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