‘Burger King’ Of Pakistan

I was aware that it is possible that now I won’t find any burger stand in Mughalpura but while searching I found this burger stand in Mughalpura square. Mughalpura square’s condition have been changed alot after the construction of Shalimar Interchange. But before that it was a place to eat out at night. There were lots of hotels for those people who have came a long way in Lahore to do some labor work. Some of those eat out places has got good taste and people living in surrounding also love to have their food. Further there were also many burger stands there which keep serving after midnight. Now there are only one or two burger stands, in which one is this ‘Burger King’. I was thinking that ‘Burger King’ will might sue them for this name but what will happen then; this person will simply paint a new name without arguing. Well I bought a chicken burger from there which was tasty as we match it’s level with other burger stands.

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