Bundu Khan Restaurant In Johar Town Lahore

Bundu Khan is a renown restaurant and I like it’s barbecue very much. They have started their new branch in Johar Town Lahore. Find below the branch address and delivery line as they are also giving home delivery for free.

Branch address: 19-N, Johar Town – Lahore

Delivery Number: 111-44-44-11

Further they are offering hi-tea for Rs. 230/- only which is inclusive of taxes. This is introductory price to let people know the quality of their restaurant.

14 thoughts on “Bundu Khan Restaurant In Johar Town Lahore


      We are in Sialkot and would like to have your food retail chain for which we have complete ready set-up in the heart of Sialkot Cantt and only start business within days. The location furnished in all respect is supreme for continental, fast food etc.

      Kindly give us an appointment to visit you or visit our site to finalize this co-operation.

      Thanking you and look forwrd to hear good news per return E.mail.

      With Kindest Regards.,

      Waseem Anwar
      Tel: +92-52-3254098, 3561339
      Fax: +92-52-3563973
      E-mail: keepint@skt.comsats.net.pk
      Mob. 0300 8714 700

  1. Salam brother, excellent and useful work you are doing, Allah bless u for informaton and effort you are doing.

    Kindly also review SANSBURG on Main Blvd Johar Town, its on opposite side of BUNDU KHAN next to COCK N BULL.

    That place is offering fantastic, large size burgers at 150rs including drink and fries. Please let us know your views.

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